Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"On Fire": Messages from Married People Via My Blog (1/29/10)



"Powerful message! I have only been married for a few years but my relationships over the last few years with God, and my boyfriend turned fiance, turned husband have taught me a great deal about what it means to be found, treasured, and married. My husband and I grew up within 30 minutes of each other. Our high schools were competitors, we had friends in common, and yet we did not know that the other existed. Destiny would have it that I attended the same college as his sister AND became the roommate of his cousin. I remember seeing him for the first time in a bookstore and thinking, 'who is that man,' only to find out years later that when he saw me on that day he said, 'There is something about her. I wonder who she is.'

Four years later, we started dating and separated because he cheated and moreso because of my pride. I didn't know back then that expectations cannot always be ultimatums, nor that those expectations cannot truly exist without communication. In my hurt, embarrassment, and selfishness, I refused to give him another chance. We both moved on and made decisions that changed our lives. We entered into new relationships. He experienced the hurt that he'd caused me. And I did the same. I actually ended a relationship only days before finding out that I was pregnant. And promising myself to follow the intuition that I'd been running from for years. I emailed him to tell him about the release of my book and my pregnancy. And from that moment forward, he's been here in 'our' lives as a friend, father, provider, husband and more.

In the midst of what people around me perceived as a set back, I decided that I was going to be a great mother, that I was going to pursue my goals as a writer, and that I wasn't going to let anything hold me back. I had NO idea, that in doing so, I was transitioning from being a woman to being a wife. I am proud to say that we are happily married and that I am utterly amazed by how God has used me and answered my prayers for my husband's strength, relationship with God and favor.

We both come from Christian homes but had 'different' Christian experience. My prayer was that he would get to know God for himself in an intimate way. I can't express how incredible it feels to pick up the phone and hear, "sweetheart let me tell you about God." And through his growth and my own, I'm learning how to better serve God and my husband. And in return neither of them allow me to want for anything that I need.

I feel closer and more in tune to God that I ever have. Ladies...don't just wait to be found and complain that he's taking too long. Perhaps the delay is that you are not yet 'dressed' for where you are going. You don't dress for the ball upon arrival, but instead before you depart."


"Thank you Shellie for your awesome message. I'm without doubt that it's confirmation from God. For the past few months I have been drawn back to my 'high school sweetheart". We were only 16 and 17 when we started dating and towards the end of our relationship things began to take on a more physical approach and we were driven by the desire of our flesh.

I grew up knowing God's calling on my life and for many years I've prayed for God to send me a partner that would help me in my ministry, someone I could pray with, to break bread with, to grow to know God together and at the time of our break up I was very well aware that God was in control and that things ended with good reason. Years had gone by and I had built up resentment towards the relationship that we had which stirred up a lot of unforgiveness, not towards her though but I was really disappointed that it ended in the way that it did.

After a few years God began dealing with my unforgiveness and resentment and it led me back to her. In the time we spent apart, He began molding us and preparing us, also learning us how to appreciate the value of God's presence in a relationship. He reunited us at a point of our lives when we were both seeking God's face and ever since then I've realized the power of a praying couple has. She ministers to me when I'm discouraged and I watched as God began opening doors for us, revealing spiritual gifts, prophesying.

But what God also revealed to me is when the angel appeared to Mary (Luke 1:29-38) God revealed Himself to Mary at a time when He knew she would be alone. If Joseph were to be with her when the angel told her she would be pregnant, as a virgin, without Joseph's doing, Joseph would've been really jealous and would've taken credit for Mary's blessing. And I believe that's exactly what happened. We had to be apart and God dealing with us separately instead of us claiming the blessing as our own doing.

I thank God for her,and I have a new found love for her and I vowed to Him that me and my wife will solely be purposed to do His work and give Him all the praise. I commit my family, my future children to Him. Our household will be our ministry to other families."


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