Friday, October 14, 2011

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: "Dating with Pure Passion: More than Rules, More than Courtship, More than a Formula"

Hook, line and sinker...right here:

"Unfortunately, eating chocolate on an empty stomach illustrates how a lot of singles build dating relationships. They approach one another with hungry hearts, hoping that the other person will feed them. This condition can be especially acute when a man or woman feels lonely, rejected or starved for acceptance. Without love, people become desperate for something to fill the void inside their hearts. A romance, with its potentially sweet taste and emotional highs, seems the likely solution to their hunger. 

Consider my Great Dating Crusade. I was hungry for love and searched repeatedly to find a woman to fulfill me. Every new romance that I entered felt like a sugar high with soaring emotions, exhilarating self-esteem boosts, and a sweet sense of security. In the headlines of romantic rapture, I thought a woman could fulfill me forever. Nevertheless, the euphoria inevitably collapsed. Sometimes it took weeks. Other times, it took months. My wife's happiness vanished a year after dating and seven months of marriage. 

Regardless of how wonderful a new dating relationship feels, the romantic bliss will eventually wear off. Human affection may taste good, but like chocolate, it cannot give our hearts what they need for survival. The true hunger of our hearts is to be accepted unconditionally. We need more than just attention, friendship and sex. We long for someone to love us despite our faults, mistakes and imperfections. Our hearts remain hollow when no one completely accepts us."---"Dating with Pure Passion", pg. 12

El Elyon, the Most High, just keeps speaking...and speaking...and speaking...

Calling us higher....and higher...and higher...

Get the book!



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