Friday, October 7, 2011

"On Fire": If He (Always) Told You, It Wouldn't Be a SURPRISE!!!

"If I were in your shoes, I'd go straight to God, I'd throw myself on the mercy of God. After all, he's famous for great and unexpected acts; there's no end to his surprises."---Job 5:8(Message)

"Be ready to be surprised."---Loesje


It's Yom Kippur tonight (and tomorrow thru sunset); what is considered, in Judaism, to be the holiest day of the year, and being that I am getting more and more into observing HOLY-DAYS rather than HOLI-DAYS, I am an observer of it.

Therefore, I won't be with you long.

I just wanted to share with you an excerpt of an "On Fire praise report" that I received from one of the "On Fire" sistahs earlier this week. Ironically, in reply to the "Knock-Offs" devotional featured under this message:

"PRAISE REPORT!!! I AM ENGAGED!!! My future husband is named Akim Iddrisu and he's from Ghana. He is 37 years old and he is a car exporter here in South Korea. He is the most wonderful, caring, sweet, kind, hard working, compassionate, loyal, protective, loving man GOD could have ever blessed me with!!! I AM SOOOO GRATEFUL!!!"

I'm going to leave her name anonymous because I'm not sure how public she's made it. Yet. Although *something tells me* (I believe it's the Holy Spirit-LOL) that this news is probably all the rage on her Facebook page!

Anyway, I'm sharing this for two reasons. 1) because I remember what my friend was going through this time last year. *And the year before that*. On many levels, due to her mom's health challenges and this whacked out economy, it was *pure hell* for her. She hung on, though and so, I am *so thankful* that she has gotten some *real relief* and that she has *truly reaped* from the seeds that she has sown (Galatians 6:9). Adonai has proven, yet again, that he can be trusted. And 2) because I also remember when she sent me an email to tell me that she was leaving to teach in South Korea. When we touched base by phone, I just laughed. This is one person in my life that you can't put too much past. One day in Nashville, the next day in South Korea. And who knew (other than Adonai) that over there was where her Beloved was? Hmph. Reminds me of my brother. Seven years ago, he too left Nashville, thinking that it was going to be for a few weeks.

To the Nashvillians, including myself, I say: GOD IS BIGGER THAN DAVIDSON COUNTY. And to the "On Fire" gals as a whole, "GOD IS EVEN BIGGER ON SURPRISES!" Therefore, either way, don't limit him. Don't let your fear(s) limit him. Your past limit him. Your preconceived notions limit him. Other people's input limit him. You limit him.

How? By deciding how he should move on your behalf. We are to be followers of the Spirit. Not leaders. Submitters. Not instructors. Surrenders. Not doubters.

Sadly, I don't know if we think of Adonai as the Master Element of Surprise nearly as much as we should, but when you think of the fact that he is the Master Source of Miracles, would that not be the same thing? I think sometimes we're so focused on what we see, that we forget (or is it that we neglect?) that the unseen holds some of the greatest of blessings; that Elohim is always at work on our behalf. Sometimes in the most unpredictable of ways. And times.

And so, as you prepare to enter into another week, perhaps consider stepping out of your comfort zone a bit. Peter would've never been able to say he walked on water (Matthew 14:22-23) had he not. And it looks like my friend wouldn't be yelling with excitement at me via email had she not either.

Stay open. And alert. And obedient. You never know when Adonai will *surprise* you.



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