Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Ounce of Prevention: Take "The Marriage Readiness" Quiz

"To be tested is good. The challenge of life may be the best therapist."---Gail Sheehy


I haven't taken the quiz yet. Oh, but I *love me some Aish.com* and so I will certainly make it a point to get around to it! Anyway, these days, when an excerpt/portion catches my eye, I don't question it much. Things are moving/shifting at an accelerated pace and so we have to be open to moving...*swiftly*. As led.

That said...

*This* is what caught my eye about the "marriage readiness" write-up:

Point One: I was a statistic. There I was, being told over and over by nice, well-meaning people that I was more likely to be struck by lightning twice than to get married over the age of 35. I couldn't get the image of Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny, angrily tapping her foot about her "biological clock ticking like this," out of my thoughts. I pictured myself as a cartoon time bomb, the fuse lit and hissing closer and closer. Panic settled into my daily life, and I almost succumbed to the belief that I would always find myself in the lonely, unsatisfying relationships I was familiar with. I was terrified I might never find meaningful love and have my own family.

Point Two: If you are sincere, and are doing all of the right things, but you find you're attracting random people, or people who don't "get it" or "get you," then it's time to look under the hood of dating to understand that what you think and how you feel directly relates to what you have and what you attract into your life. There's no hiding it.

Point Three: If you say you want to meet someone warm, kind, and welcoming, but you are being negative, skeptical, and judgmental, you are likely going to attract someone who is just like the way you are being rather than what you are saying. So I ask you, what kind of people are you attracting? If you do a lot of the right things, like dress well, look great, go on a lot of dates, and put yourself in all of the right places, but deep down you have unconscious stories about yourself, negative vibes, skepticism, misconceptions, and confusion, do you think it will make a difference?

This is the "Dating Epidemic." And until I realized what was actually going on, I was doomed to continue attracting men who would reinforce the story I had about myself - and I didn't even know it! I had to change - to wake up and have a breakthrough - and take personal responsibility for who I was being in my life. The truth is:

I had to be the one to find the one.

And when I did, my energy changed and my life changed. The wrong ones stopped showing up!

Good stuff! Anyway, if you want to take the quiz, go here.

Adonai's moving. And speaking. AND TESTING. If you're in a "dating epidemic" (and sick of it):




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