Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Ounce of Prevention: "5 Signs He's Not Going to Marry You"

And what does the Word say? That truth will make you free (John 8:32), right?

I was just talking to a loved one earlier this week about the *dire importance* of (if you desire to get married) getting into relationships with people who are *ready for marriage*. To which the person replied, "Right. Committed." No. Not quite (LOL). I've been in *committed* relationships. The person wasn't *ready* for marriage, though. That said (and Crystal really did tickle me when she said, "If he's buying things, he's probably just buying time")...

Oh, and that "three year thing" that she mentioned? It's almost like a science. *No joke!*


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  1. Yeah. This deserves an honorable mention as well:

    1. All of His Exes Are "Crazy"
    Be wary of a man who refers to his former girlfriends as crazy, psycho, or clingy - because what's the common denominator here? Him. The dude's either looney-bin glue, or he never really wanted the relationship to work in the first place.