Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"On Fire": A Man God Has Changed (NOT One I Have to Fix)...

"And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also."---John 14:3(NKJV)

God and I are in a funny space right through here.

Right before I got rebaptized (actually I consider it to be more of a Jewish tradition that I was led to that caused me to do it), I sent an email out to certain people requesting prayer because what I heard, from the Spirit (John 4:24), was that I was about to enter into a "Master's class".  OK...long story short, God doesn't lie (Titus 1:2), but it *certainly* wasn't the kind of promotion that *I* was expecting! In a matter of days, everything changed---and I do mean *everything*! And yes, it has changed everything---and I do mean EVERYTHING about me!

Anyway, I'm actually on a writing deadline and so I won't bore you with all of the sordid details. I'll just say that as it *directly affects* the purpose of *this* blog, I'll let you know where my studies have gotten me to in my prayer life:

"God, I want a man that YOU have CHANGED, not one that I have to FIX."

And do you know how God responded? Almost immediately within my spirit?

"FINALLY! Now, we're actually gonna get somewhere!"

And that's why this message starts off with the familiar verse that it does. Sadly society, and on some levels even the Church, have gotten many of us to a place where we seem to forget (or is it ignore? Or is it deny?) that MARRIAGE WAS CREATED IN PARADISE. The Garden of Eden. *Heaven* on earth. Pre-sin (Genesis 2). And so, really...being that Christ left to *prepare* heaven for us, what would make us think that God doesn't *prepare* marriage as well? That he doesn't "go" and put our spouses in "proper condition or readiness"? That there isn't a season where he's doing what is needed "to make [our spouse] ready or suitable in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc."? And that with us, he's doing the *exact same thing* for them?

Yeah. Did you catch that underlined part? That he does many of these things *in advance*. That means *before* the purpose: PRE-MARRIAGE.

As I prayed more about this, the Spirit provided me the visual of caution signs. How they are there to *warn* of us impending danger. Now what's the potential of what could happen if we speed down an open road with deer signs? How often do we "chance it" by running through a yellow or (gasp!) red light? When there is construction on a street or bridge and the sign tells us "Stop Ahead" or "Rough Road" or "Do Not Enter" or "Wrong Way" or "Caution: Stay Clear" or "Slow: Proceed With Caution" or "Caution: Look Out For Construction Traffic" (you'd be *amazed* how many people unnecessarily involve themselves in "construction traffic"-LOL) or (whew!) "DEAD END", how brilliant is it to ride through there as if *the road is ready for us* anyway?

And yet so many women (people actually, but I'm talking mostly to women on here) date *just like that*. Either they're on the wrong road that's gonna lead them to a dead end (the Word will let you know if that's the case) or a road that is under spiritual construction and rather than letting God do what needs to be done, they are *all in the way*: trying to court a man before he's ready; trying to prepare a man in ways that isn't her job/title/position/right to do. Because indeed, a mission field is not usually the optimal breeding ground conducive to a healthy and progressive courtship. Meaning, if you're trying to be a witness to make someone a Christian, then don't expect the journey (or results) to be the same as if you were trying to become that same person's wife. The needs/expectations/outcomes are usually *vastly* (VASTLY) different. Remember, we bring favor (Proverbs 18:22) to purpose but we don't manifest that purpose. Adonai does. Our love/influence can *assist* God, but *no one* changes a man, but God AND a man has to change by *choice*.

I mean, do you see God forcing (or manipulating) anyone into heaven? My point exactly.

I can only imagine what it would be like to get to the pearly gates and find that the hinges were broken or step into my mansion and the walls were caving in. A heaven fixer-upper? No thanks. I'll wait.

"Yeah. Now exchange the word 'heaven' with 'marriage'", I heard God say. "You're on earth so it won't be perfect, but if you let me *change* your husband into the man I have in mind for you ahead of time, you won't have a lot of *fixing* to do with him afterwards, either."

Shoot, *these days* (LOL), God ain't gotta tell me twice!

Again, I'll wait. For the construction to be done.

So that I can enjoy the journey of my marriage (much) better that way.

Yeah. That was a good word, God! I'll proceed *with extreme caution*.



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