Monday, November 21, 2011

An Ounce of Prevention: Signs That a Man Is Ready for a Relationship (Paul Washer)

Important signs of male maturity:

1) A personal, unaided, emotional (spiritual) devotion to God.

2) Devotion to God's purpose in the context of the family. "You're not getting married because the girl is beautiful. You are getting married because you believe that God has called you into that marriage, to lay down your life to bless a daughter of his. To care for her. To raise up a godly heritage to the Lord."

3) Knowledge and application of the Scriptures. "You're gonna have to lead a woman. You're gonna have to teach children. You had better know the Scriptures...right now you make a foolish decision and basically, you're the one who pays.You make a foolish, unbiblical decision with your family, you hurt your wife, you hurt your children and you will be called on the carpet by God...HEADSHIP AND AUTHORITY PUTS YOU IN THE LIMELIGHT OF GOD'S JUDGMENT."

4) Labor. "After talking to a young man who wants to court my daughter...after talking to him about his spirituality, his walk with Christ, then next thing that I'm going to investigate is this: 'Young man do you delight in God honoring labor? If you do not delight in working hard, get out of my house.' A man...if he will work hard, he can surpass anyone else...slothfulness is one of the deadly sins." 

5) Are you saving for your future and your children's future?

Paul Washer ends this with saying, "I would be nothing without the wife that God gave me. He gave me the exact person that I needed." And really ladies, it takes a really godly man to discern that as well and when you (they) see the favor that God has for you (them), why would you delay? Why would you need an ultimatum? Why would your rather sow oats or drag your feet? Why do you need to be convinced or coerced?

So often (ladies) energy is spent on trying to get men ready. Our prayer should be that the Lord would bring us to men who *are* ready. To receive. With a humble heart, an open mind and a willing soul. To love us by serving the Father.

You need about an 1 1/2 hours, but it's a worthwhile investment of your time.



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