Monday, November 21, 2011

"On Fire": We Turned TWO Today!!!

Yep! And here's hoping that the "On Fire" baby won't follow the toddler "terrible twos" stereotype (LOL)! Anyway, to all of the wives who encouraged its conception, the brides who have come to be since its birth and the ministers who continue to be in training, thanks for your prayers and support.

Words of wisdom moving forward? It's funny the verse in Scripture that has been in my head space for a couple of weeks now. I think it's for the ones in they do their selecting:

"Suppose a snake bites before it is charmed. Then there isn't any benefit in being a snake charmer."---Ecclesiastes 10:11(NIRV)

Translation (in this case): "In the midst of *preparing* for your covenant partner, pray that he will be *ready* for you. For marriage. For the responsibility that comes with the blessing of both." *No one* can be *successfully* married alone. Oh, but many try. Be *exceptional*. Prepare to choose wisely.

Here's to BIG love, BIG purpose and BIG progress in 2012!!!



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  2. Happy Two Miss Shellie! We are BLESSED that you are serving in your purpose. Keep up the GREAT work. Mona :)

  3. Happy Birthday/Anniversary On Fire!!! Peace, Blessings, Love...Love...Love...AND MORE LOVE!