Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Ounce of Prevention: "A Few Christian Dating Principles to Live By"

Good stuff:

1) Must Be a Christian.
2) Must Be Single.
4) Guard Your Heart (love it when she said, "Date with your head. Marry with your heart.").
5) Be True to Yourself.
6) Dress Modestly.

Oh and how so many people stumble through life, bitterly so, because they don't get #3 down:

Must Desire Marriage - Dating can be stressful enough without the added hassle of falling for someone who you later learn has no desire of getting married. This is not to state that he is the one you will ultimately marry, but understand that just because you are looking to marry does not automatically mean the guy you’re dating is looking for the same thing.

While it may be uncomfortable to ask or you think doing so will scare him off, you need to know his reason for dating. If he’s only looking to hang out or date casually and you’re not, you are likely headed for emotional heartache ahead.

You can read it in detail here.




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  2. Good afternoon SoulSister! It has been months since our last talk. My life has been a steady whirlwind. It's not a complaint, just busy. I got a chance in my quiet time to read Pure in Heart and I must say Thank You! You and I have talked at length in several forums, for various reasons, and you have always been a source of encouragement and direction. I appreciate that so much in you. Stay blessed...