Sunday, December 11, 2011

An Ounce of Prevention: "20 Flags Mr. Right Is Mr. Wrong"

"A person who understands what is right learns more from just a warning than a foolish person learns from 100 strokes with a whip."---Proverbs 17:10(NIRV)

“It is what you don't expect... that most needs looking for.”---Neal Stephenson

So, I was just about to sign off for the day (well...night-LOL) and someone wrote in to ask me a question. In preparing to answer, I "happened upon" (Proverbs 16:33-AMP) an article entitled, "20 Flags Mr. Right Is Mr. Wrong". For the additional copy click here. Below is simply the list. It's a pretty thorough one.

That said, ignoring warning signs are not an indication of utilizing wisdom. That's actually the epitome of foolishness. So, please process and then share this list with as many as you can. Better to adhere *on the front end*. One day I'll get a couple of wives on here to prove it. For now, you might want to read this piece write here: "Marriage Is Not a Cure for a Sex Addiction".

Here are the 20 warning flags:

Warning Sign #1: He doesn't treat his mother well.
Warning Sign #2: He doesn't have a steady job.
Warning Sign #3: He is possessive.
Warning Sign #4: He criticizes you.
Warning Sign #5: He has ever hit, slapped, or punched you.
Warning Sign #6: He is in serious debt and not trying to work out of it.
Warning Sign #7: He doesn't share the same religious beliefs as you.
Warning Sign #8: He has lied to you.
Warning Sign #9: You're not physically attracted to him.
Warning Sign #10: Your family/friends don't like him.
Warning Sign #11: He is going way too fast in the relationship.
Warning Sign #12: He flirts with other women.
Warning Sign #13: He uses drugs / is an alcoholic.
Warning Sign #14: For single mothers - your kids don't like him.
Warning Sign #15: He has a problem with pornography.
Warning Sign #16: He is constantly negative and bitter about life in general.
Warning Sign #17: He has children from past relationships but doesn't have much contact with them.
Warning Sign #18: He has any kind of criminal history that involves domestic violence or abuse.
Warning Sign #19: He doesn't meet all of the qualities you've dreamed for in a husband.
Warning Sign #20: You are having some doubts.

I know, right? It just keeps going...and going...and going. Glad God loves us enough to give us this much!


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