Monday, January 30, 2012



She's a writer friend of mine (check out "Purity's Big Payoff/Premarital Sex Is a Big Rip-Off " or her online ministry On My Own Ministries) and after a little Q&A (and mutual article assigning), I *so dig* that she says she met her husband at 36. Anyway, I also really appreciate the wisdom that she as regarding what, in hindsight, women should consider in selecting their *lifetime covenant partner*. She shared a lot of this on today and here's an excerpt:

"I was 36-years-old when I met my husband and had by that time finished my education, traveled extensively, bought and sold a house and advanced in career. I was (and still am) an independent woman. I believed I was looking for a true partner – an equal in the adventure of life. Why was it then, that 'Alpha Texan' (my husband’s online dating handle) caught my eye? And why did his big broad shoulders, deep voice and imposing presence so impress me? As it turned out, much to my surprise, this modern woman actually yearned inside for a man who could be a spiritual and emotional umbrella. This makes sense to me now as I reflect on my own strong, silent father and the fact that in all of my close relationships, I am the anchor. I am plenty strong, but what I long for in a mate is someone – one single person in this world – to be strong for me."

Love it!

You know how when you're  trying to do what's right for your physical health, while grocery shopping, you're advised to *check the labels*? Juice, for instance, is a general term. Look at the calories. Check out the first ingredient. Is it *juice* or (SMH) *cocktail*? (LOL) I think we should process if a man is right for us in a similar fashion: we should look for certain details that are important to a successful longterm commitment. Because you know what else is a general term? *HUSBAND*.

Just something to think about. Oh, and you can check out all of what Donna had to say on the blog here.




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  2. I am so glad sister that He is bringing you Proverbs 27:17 family, drawing you in w/ those who laugh at the table w/ and who confirm the wisdom, and direction that you are called to lead others in! Wow--this is going to be such a banqueting table year!!