Friday, March 30, 2012

An Ounce of Prevention: "What CRYSTAL Wishes She Knew as a Single Woman Before Marriage"

"I honestly can't say that I did not know anything when I got married.. OK, not that I knew it all, but most of what happened: the surprises of "gas" in the middle of my sleep...that men are different when it comes to sex because some want it constantly, some periodically, some rarely...and that those kinds just love to cuddle.

What I wish I had heard more of was that even though men seem to be relatively the same, each one has his own good points or quirks and that you should NEVER put them in a "men are all alike box" BUT recognize the similarities as not "bad" but different from most women.  They are human too. LOL!

I would have loved to hear more that 80% of married life is the mundane day-to-day responsibilities that may not seem so "romantic", so don't ASSUME that Prince Charming never stinks, says jacked up stuff out of nowhere, always there for you, etc.  Stay out of the "Harlequin Romance" psycho state.  HE IS HUMAN!! And so are you.

Some days you may not even like the person you married.  And that is okay.  Some days you don't even like yourself...but you don't meditate on either one. You should recognize that it is just a part of being human and NOT a reason to commit suicide or divorce your spouse.

Focus on the good stuff.  There is enough of the not-so-good to turn off anyone who doesn't understand the meaning of covenant."---Crystal (46)

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