Friday, March 16, 2012

An Ounce of Prevention: "What MARCELLA Wishes She Knew as a Single Woman Before Marriage"

1. Self-control in sex is just as vital in marriage. You will need the attributes developed by abstinence. Just because you're married doesn't mean you can have sex whenever, however, or wherever you want. Your desires and passions must be tempered in love, respect, and self-control.

2. I cannot do everything and I won't always have the physical stamina to try to do everything! I wish I knew how important it was to have balance and not attempt to be SUPERWOMAN. It's okay if some chores don't get done and some emails or phone calls go unanswered. I joined myself to this man and it is most important to make sure he knows how much he is loved, appreciated, and wanted in his home. The world is rough, disrespectful, cruel, and heartless. My husband needs NONE of that in his home; this is his place to find shelter, peace, acceptance, and love. I must have the strength to provide those things first and not to waste it on the menial tasks of life; they'll always be there, my husband may not.

3. How important it is to be filled with the Holy Spirit so I can be the helpmate that my husband needs and God called me to be, not the one I think I need to be.---Marcella (39)

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