Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Ounce of Prevention: "What MAYA JOURNEY Wishes She Knew as a Single Woman Before Marriage"

"I wish I didn’t have 'marriage' on my 'things to do' list and allowed society and my age to dictate my 'urgent' desire to say, 'I do'.

I wish I enjoyed and appreciate my singleness more and really submitted to my husband at that time (the Lord).  I thought I was content being single; however, looking back I can truly say I cheated on God with so many thoughts of wanting to be married in the natural. Single women need to understand that you have the best man during singleness. Anyone that comes after the Lord, will be of flesh and flawed just like you. 

The Bible says ask and you shall receive. Can you deal with what He has given you based on your request?"---Maya (37)

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