Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Ounce of Prevention: "What NOELLE Wishes She Knew as a Single Woman Before Marriage"

"I wish I knew how vital it was going to be to depend on God and submit to him in changing character defects that now impacted someone else very directly. (My tendency to isolate when I'm hurting or angry.)

I also wish I knew how much my sexuality and drive would be impacted by my past, by the media, and by my changing body and hormones.  I wish someone had told me that I would need to work hard to continue to make [sex] a priority.  I felt so guilty when I realized I didn't naturally ache to be with my husband physically in the ways that I did while we were dating.  I wish someone had told me that it would be, at times, incredibly frustrating but that God would answer my prayers to understand sexuality in the way He intended it.  For a time I felt hopeless and terrified."---Noelle (37)

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