Thursday, April 12, 2012



I was sending an email to one of the "On Fire" gals about purpose and the Spirit led me to an old school classic by Myles Munroe, "In Pursuit of Purpose" and I was led to share a few main points within this gem of wisdom. Starting at pg. 97...

1) First, purpose gives confidence. It assures us that we are doing the right thing...When we know what God intends for our lives, we can get on with it, assured that our work is not in vain. The Scriptures state that God's purpose will prevail (Proverbs 19:21), His purpose will stand (Isaiah 14:24; 46:10), and all of his purposes are established forever (Psalm 33:11). In essence, when you discover God's purpose for your life, you can be confident and persuaded that you will succeed. This confidence will also inspire the trust of others. Purpose is the key to confidence.

2) Purpose provides protection. In some ways, this benefit of purpose is an extension of the first, because purpose gives the confidence that nothing will harm us until purpose is finished. This includes not only the physical mishaps that might occur, but also the fear, worry and distractions with which the adversary may attempt to deter us from completing our purpose...This same protection is available to all who know their God-given purpose, because God's purposes always prevail. Once God tells you His purpose for your life, relax. He's already told your predestination, so no matter how much pressure comes or how many problems threaten you, they cannot overcome you. When you know and live within God's will for your life, you are invincible until your purpose here is finished. Purpose doesn't make life easy. It makes it possible.

3) Third, purpose empowers perseverance.


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