Sunday, April 15, 2012

An Ounce of Prevention: "What KAYLA Wishes She Knew as a Single Woman Before Marriage"

"I wish I knew back then how powerful the wedding night really is and why it's so important not to just keep your future husband from penetrating you, but from partaking in anything that is not rightfully his prior to that moment.

Marital sex is unlike anything you will physically experience with a boyfriend. It's intense. It's fulfilling. But it's also extremely spiritual. Satan wants to do all that he can to rob you of not just being with your husband for the first time, but of him seeing and experiencing those intimate parts of you, on any level, that make the entire wedding night a life-altering experience. You may think it's too extreme to wait to share your first kiss on the altar (in hindsight, I don't), but at least let him enjoy the neck down on the marriage bed. He'll be so excited that you made him wait and you'll be so trusting of him for doing so, that it will make everything that much more special and sacred."---Kayla (32)

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