Sunday, May 13, 2012

"On Fire": Do You (Still) Want to Be a Mother (or a Mother Again)?

"He grants the barren woman a home, like a joyful mother of children. Praise the Lord!"---Psalm 113:9(NKJV)


I was doing some research on a devotional that I'm about to pen about signs and it tickled me because I took *this* to be a sign.

Just now, I read a liner about what is known as the "mother seed" that said this: "Any female can become a mother plant, no matter how old..." and something about that resonated. When I looked to the right side of the search engine page, I saw advertisements for the plant that is pictured below:

They are Mother of Thyme plants.

Those who really know me, know that I look for symbolisms in just about everything and so I went to see what thyme represents. It's a symbol of style, elegance, in France the Republican spirit (interesting), but this is what I dug about it: "Thyme derives its name from the Greek Thymus, meaning courage."

Courage: the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery; the confidence to act in accordance with one's beliefs in spite of criticism; to nerve oneself to perform an action; mind; disposition; spirit

OK, being that one synonym of courage is "backbone", I will share one of my favorite quotes on the matter: "Never grow a WISHBONE where your BACKBONE ought to be." (You can thank a woman by the name of Clementine Paddleford for *that* pearl of wisdom!) However, as I was pondering (Proverbs 4:26) all of this, I thought about a lot of the women I've talked to who desire to be a mother, but have yet to be joined to their beloveds and so their faith is waning. How GOD OF GOD that on today, *Mother's Day*, that he would have the Holy Spirit lead me (Luke 12:12) to a statement that negates a woman's age when it comes to motherhood and then a picture of a plant that translates into MOTHER COURAGE.

And honestly, because I have been learning more and more to say *just and only* what he wants me to say and then be quiet, I don't have a prophecy for you on this matter. There are simply far too many women with far too many backgrounds and testimonies (I Timothy 4:14-16-AMP) to speak in generalized terms. However, what I do know is that this is for the "Hannah spirited" (I Samuel 1) women. The ones who have an ache for a child and then don't see an answer in sight. To you, on this Mother's Day, I speak *courage* over you and I remind you of two Scriptures surrounding that very word:

"Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!"---Psalm 113:9(NKJV)

"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord."---Psalm 31:24(NKJV)

I love how it doesn't just say "Have courage" but "Be of GOOD courage". Some of us probably *think* that we have been living bravely, when really, we've been just barely hanging on by a thread. For those who fall into that category, I will be praying that you seek (Matthew 7:7-8) the Most High (Genesis 14:19) on how to have the kind of fearlessness (2 Timothy 1:7) that is *good*---that is right, proper, fit, virtuous and righteous for your individual situation.

And in the true spirit of symbolism, you know I'm going to be sending out something, right? If you're a woman with a desire for a child (or to be a mother figure in some way), please hit me up at and we'll have a chat about what the Lord has laid upon my heart regarding you and your needs.

In the meantime, enjoy today. Tomorrow has enough on its plate (Matthew 6:34). Besides, the Lord has just given you a message of *encouragement* and so you have reason to celebrate anyway!

Love to you.



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