Friday, June 1, 2012

"On Fire": When What You Want Is in Your Way


So I've mentioned that I am becoming a fan of The Conversation (Lifetime), right? Well, this past week, Arianna Huffington was one of the guests and I (especially) dug this part of what she said in her interview:

"If you look back at the things that were considered failures in your life, the most devastating things, they often are the doors. I mean, for me, it meant that I came to New York. My books, the Huffington Post, all of these things would not have happened if Bernard Levin had married me. And the Levin Post would have not sounded as good as the Huffington Post."


And here's the thing about Ms. Huffington. She's an author. She's a syndicated columnist. And, she's also the founder of what is considered to be one of the more liberal online publications, the Huffington Post. Oh, and I guess it can't hurt to also mention that her net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $35 million.

Several years ago, I was led to pen a devotional entitled, "The Blessin' in Rejection". It basically talked  about what you would think it did; that some things that we want for ourselves *now* are not meant to work out because they're not what's best for our lives *later*. The "later" that absolutely no one sees by the Most High (the One who sees above everyone and everything!).

I revisited this concept when I saw another episode of Love Addiction (TV One) in which the therapist told the woman who was settling that she had what was known as "attraction to deprivation"---that rather than seeking someone who would help to fill the voids within her, she was in a continual cycle of attracting people who would not meet her needs. So much so, that she spent most of her time trying to get men to give her what either they can't or don't want to. She wasn't attracting the "need meeters" but the "need depriver". Over and over again. Subconsciously convincing herself that if she did more, she would get more.

So, when I heard what Ms. Huffington said, to me, it was the final piece of this puzzle. She spoke of once being so in love with Mr. Levin and so devastated when it did not work out. But life had something better in mind for her. Marrying him would have held her back.


I'm not sure what chapter you are on in your own journey as it relates to "On Fire" and its mission, but I encourage you to give what Ms. Huffington said some thought. I Timothy 4:14-16(AMP) has a line within it that says, "Look well to yourself [to your own personality] and to [your] teaching; persevere in these things [hold to them], for by so doing you will save both yourself and those who hear you." And without question, her testimony can save some lives and spare some pain...if'd we only listen.

I've said it a billion times on here and it continues to ring true. My mother has stated on several occasions, "God doesn't give you someone for where you are, but where you are going and no one knows that but God."

And to piggyback off of that wisdom, by Baba (my mother's husband) has a winner as well:

"Satan is not in the business of breaking marriages apart. He's in the business of putting the wrong two people together in the first way."

It was Chaka Khan who once said, "Get out of your own way." Let this little post remind us all to get what we want out of our way too. So that we can *then see* what *God does* in *God's way* in *God's time* as a direct result.



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