Thursday, July 12, 2012

"On Fire": Are YOU a (Spiritual) Praying Mantis?

Yeah...this chick right here is *crazy* (LOL):

Have you ever actually watched a female praying mantis *kill her mate* before? (See above) And while, I'm sure that most of us are aware of the fact that she does, it wasn't until I did some additional research that I personally found out exactly why. Here's why:

"It is believed that the female mantis will eat the male after mating since the protein helps in egg development. How’s that for male sacrifice?"

A universal theme that has been resonating within my spirit *all week long* is that masculinity (along with virginity) is currently on the "(spiritual) endangered species list" and it is the responsibility *of us all* to do  *all that we can* to protect and preserve it.

Actually, I was cool with casually mentioning it on another blog that I pen for and kind of leaving it at that. Oh, but then I read *another article* just now entitled, "Will Men Go Extinct?" and I was like, "You know what? Yeah...*this is warfare*!" (Ephesians 6:10-20)

When I went to the Spirit (John 4:24) about what I could do, what PSA I could send out, the Lord was like, "Tell those single women to stop acting like the human form of a praying mantis. They hunt. They prematurely mate. They use and abuse. They manipulate. They are desperate. They are carnal. They go on the attack. And what they don't even notice is that they are not *praying* for their mate, they are *preying* on a mate. Oftentimes, not even *their* mate. It's some guy that I didn't even purpose for them, but since he was around and available, they went after him anyway. To 'fertilize' their physical and emotional needs."

Whew! And I get it because again, think about the actual insect. The female praying mantis is not attacking the male one just to have something to do. No, *she has an agenda*. She uses him to give her some babies and then *abuses him* so that they can develop.

You know a lot of us aren't any different...

We're desperate to get a husband so that we can have sex.

We're desperate to get a husband because everyone else has one.

We're desperate to get a husband because "our clock is ticking" (if you're older than Sarah *then* we can start talking about your biological clock!-Genesis 17&21).

And all the while, because we are so focused on what it is that *we* want, we don't realize that our methods are *infecting* men in the process. If you watch that video, they have sex and then she immediately starts to dismantle him. *Starting with his head*.

It's funny because my Baba (my mother's husband) just told me this week that women need to really need to one, understand the power of our words (Proverbs 18:21) and two, remember that men are not *so wordy*. "Shellie, one of the strongest men in history wanted to die because a woman was nagging him to death." NAGGING HIM TO DEATH. He was referring to Samson and remember that the thing about Delilah is that she wasn't his *wife*, but she was a woman with an *agenda* (Judges 16). She too was a praying mantis. Picking...picking...*picking away til there was only a shell of the man left*.

You know, I've mentioned the Gloria Steinem quote before that stays with me: "We are becoming the men that we wanted to marry." I think she meant it in a "good" way. Personally, I think it's pretty "scary". I Peter 3:3-6 tells us that it's the quiet and gentle *spirit* of a woman that is precious to God. Not only that, but in biblical times, it was a signature mark of a holy wife. The fact that we're at a place where we're any and everything *but* quiet, gentle, where we've transitioned into being darn near *predatory* is...extremely unfortunate. Men don't need us to seduce and attack them. Men need us to know our worth enough to wait...wait on God to make us the kind of women who don't need to "go on the attack", but simply *warmingly embrace*. In God's time (which is always the right time-Ecclesiastes 3:11).

I posted the video on purpose. It's violent. It's unsettling. And honestly, there are women I know who *immediately* came to mind. *Attacking the body of men to weaken them and then the head/mind of these same men with their mouths for their own purposes* (Ecclesiastes 7:26). How is a man supposed to *feel like a man* when he's going through all of that *warfare* with women who are *supposed to be of help* (Genesis 2:18)?

Some of us are wondering where the "good men" are and God is like, "I'm sorry, are you a good woman, yet? Judge yourself by the same standards that you judge my sons. If you feel like he's not 'man enough', perhaps it's because *you're acting like too much of one*."

Whew! And on that note, I'm out. ;-)

God is speaking. I hope we're all listening.