Monday, July 23, 2012

"On Fire": Some Women Want *Princes*. Others Desire KINGS

"...for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.”---Revelation 17:14(NKJV)

Yeah. Well...

So, after doing a bit of research on the challenges that people have when it comes to their spiritual gifts, being that one of mine is exhorter, I've been working on something that they say that exhorters do, which is cut people off before they *totally* finish speaking. I've come a long way, but I won't lie; I felt convicted when I read that, so I took it as my cue.

Anyway, now that I'm working on learning how to listen even more effectively, something unexpected has happened as a direct result: *I've been listening more to what I've been saying.* So, that said, it tripped me right on out when I did a recent interview and the person said to me, "So you've been kissing a lot of frogs trying to get to your prince?" To which I replied, "At 38, I'm too old for a boyfriend *or* a prince. I like that the Word says that the God is the King of *kings* and the Lord of *lords*. That sounds like he is over *grown men* to me...yeah, I want a king, not a prince."


And then, I thought about Esther. She was grooming herself to be a queen. So often, we as "ladies in waiting" are told to do the same; we are to purge and prepare ourselves to be spiritual queens. And yet, people keep on telling us to do it so that we can have our "prince". Do you know what a prince "in real time" is? He's the guy who has *king potential*; he's "a non-reigning male member of a royal family". I mean, all of the Most High's children are a part of the royal priesthood (Psalm 82:6, I Peter 2:9) and so a prince is cool as a single guy or for a young gal, but when you get to a certain spiritual maturity level, a prince is simply not going to cut it. Suddenly, you look up a realize that words like "sovereign", "chief authority", "a person preeminent in his class" and "A PERSON CONSIDERED TO BE THE BEST OR MOST IMPORTANT OF HIS KIND" are far more appealing and attractive.

A man who has the Master King over his sovereignty, authority, preeminence and importance? Whew! Is that what I've been bypassing all of these other guys for? Because indeed, a peasant girl can't roll up on a king. Only *a queen* has that kind of access. And honestly, a queen is something that I'm *just beginning* to grasp the full concept of.

That said...

I know that I tend to go on (and sometimes on and on-LOL) in these messages, but honestly, I don't know if there's much more to say than that. In life, especially when it comes to the spiritual world, there comes a time to be a "non-reigning female member of the family" and a "consort of the prince". Oh, but then there comes a time when *we all* should put away childish things (I Corinthians 13:11) and desire the "big girl" blessings.

Adonai is definitely a palate-changer. No longer do I desire someone who *might* become king someday. I want a man who is considered to be the best and most important of his kind, of *my kind*, now ("now" meaning at the time that Adonai deems fit to bring us together).

And when a queen knows she's worthy of a king, she'll wait for the best time. Hmph. Just like Esther did.

"She would not go in to the king again unless the king delighted in her and called for her by name."---Esther 2:14(NKJV) 

"At the banquet of wine the king said to Esther, 'What is your petition? It shall be granted you. What is your request, up to half the kingdom? It shall be done!'”---Esther 5:6(NKJV)



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