Saturday, August 4, 2012

"On Fire": Being the Right Fit

"Now the Lord God said, 'It is not good (sufficient, satisfactory) that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper (suitable, adapted, complementary) for him.'"---Genesis 2:18(AMP)

Let me tell you...

The latest fast that some of the "On Fire" women have been on has been has been *such* a blessing! Maybe I'll be able to talk some of the women into sharing some of the blessings/breakthroughs/promotions (a couple, *literally*) that they have experienced since being on it. We have a couple of weeks to go. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, I was led to purchase all of them a couple of tokens to commemorate the journey and where they are headed (Joel 2:3). Both are in the form of key chains; one of them is a "glass slipper". And while I'm not the biggest "fairy tale fan" (mostly because I don't like the *actual definitions* of the word and I've done a bit of research on Walt Disney...he was a trip!-LOL), what girl isn't familiar with some of the classics?

So, as I was praying over the women, in general, who follow this blog on this beautiful Shabbat, the Spirit (John 4:24) led me back to my favorite place in the Bible (the Garden of Eden); back to the time that courtship was done *in perfect order*; back to a verse that I find myself referencing often.

So many of us mess up courtship/engagement simply by not following this *divine formula*. Man doesn't decide when it's time for an Ezer Kenegdo (Hebrew for helpmate and lifesaver). *Woman doesn't either*. ADONAI DOES. And if there is one thing that the story of Cinderella actually got pretty right is that the prince (although I recommend you desire a *king* rather than a "Prince Charming" because *charm is deceitful*-Proverbs 31:30) did not settle for any less of a woman than they one who was *the perfect fit* (via her glass slipper in this case) for him:

And if you really pay attention to the story, *won't it preach?!?* (LOL) Evil tried to keep the prince away from his "perfect fit". Other women tried to keep the prince away from his "perfect fit". Unforeseen hindrances tried to keep the prince away from his "perfect fit" and yet, as life would have it, he and "his" were still united. Now, there are a couple of reasons why:

1) HE WAS ON A MISSION TO FIND HIS PERFECT FIT. A woman can't make a man want to a helpmate. He and God have to work that out.

2) CINDERELLA HAD *EVIDENCE* THAT SHE WAS HIS PERFECT FIT. Remember how when the Wicked Stepmother dropped the first glass slipper (on purpose), Cinderella still had the other one? *She was prepared*. I really love that part of the story because other women in the land had physiques and a desire to be married and probably even "wife skills" (although obviously some thought that all that they had to do was want a husband and not work on themselves...see the wicked stepsisters), but there was something that Cinderella and the Woman in the Garden of Eden had in common. They were both suitable, adaptable and complementary for their companions:

Suitable: such as to suit;  appropriate; fitting; becoming

Fitting: adapted or suited; appropriate; proper; becoming; qualified or competent, as for an office or function; prepared or ready; in good physical condition; in good health

And shouldn't that make us all want to eat a big ole piece of humble pie? (LOL) With humility comes exalting (Luke 14:11), right? Being that the Lord knows who he is *making suitable* for us and a lot of us don't, is it not a bit presumptuous (if not outright arrogant-Proverbs 16:18) to believe that we are *presently* suitable? That we are already appropriate for our future beloved? That we are already qualified for the office of wife? That we are already ready for our human king? That we are in the best physical health and condition that we could be in? (Way to support the marriage bed, Adonai!-LOL-Hebrews 13:4)

The Spirit sat me down quite some time ago and let me know that until my man comes, I have *plenty* of work to do; that if I simply wanted to "get married", I could've done that several men over and ago. Oh, but if I wanted my own lil' piece of "Happy Ever After" with a covenant, it would take some doing on my part; that for each day of *concerted effort*, I am getting just that much more prepared for what my eyes have not seen nor have my ears heard (I Corinthians 2:9)! That the longer it takes, the more joyful my expectancy can *and should* be (Romans 8:22-25-Message)!

Anyway, that's all I got today (LOL). But when you get a chance, check out the Cinderella clip and maybe pick up your own glass slipper along the way to serve as a reminder. God doesn't just want us to be "with a man". He wants us to become *suitable for our husbands*.

Here's to *becoming* just that...


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