Thursday, August 30, 2012

"On Fire": QUOTE OF THE DAY...AND...


That quote tickles me because there are some women I know who in the course of a year's time have claimed to find "Mr. Right" more than once. *Every possibility is not supposed to be received as an opportunity*. That's brought me to the conclusion that they are not looking for Mr. Right or a husband. They are simply desperate to be in a relationship. That's a horse of a *totally different color*.

However, today's "Quote of the Day" comes off of the heels of what another "On Fire" sistah (thanks Sheila!) sent me just a little while ago. You can check out the woman's blog here. Yet, it was something in the blog that I read that *really struck me*:

"I recently hung out with a longtime college friend who is a newlywed. We laughed about the exes, the past, and concluded that the right man, brings out the right you...When a woman is loved the right way, it makes her want to do everything for him, and he’ll never even have to ask, including the stuff she’s never liked doing before."

Right: in accordance with accepted standards of moral or legal behavior, justice, etc.; in accordance with fact, reason, or truth; correct or true; appropriate, suitable, fitting, or proper; in a satisfactory condition; orderly; indicating or designating the correct time; sound in mind or body; healthy or sane 

You have to BE be able to discern who IS RIGHT.

Thanks again, Sheila!



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