Sunday, October 28, 2012

"On Fire": "Unfortunately, a Lot of Men Don't Want My Help."---God


As I've been praying in preparation for the Masturbation Fast that's coming up on this coming Thursday (I am *so excited* for the women who have signed aboard. If you're interested in getting in on the *blessed sexual freedom*, let me know by noon on Tuesday, October 30 at, I was praying for them especially and then the "On Fire" women in general about how they/we can best guard their hearts (Proverbs 4:23) from "counterfeit men" and best prepare ourselves *for our own husbands*.

As I was talking to the Spirit (John 4:24) this morning about why so many women seem to *so desperately*  want to be wives (which is another blog unto itself-Philippians 4:6-7) while so many single guys avoid marriage like it's the Bubonic plague (LOL), I smiled and then chuckled and then sighed and then had an unexplainable calm come over me (Proverbs 17:27) at what the Spirit said: "Unfortunately Shellie, a lot of men don't want my help."

What's a trip about that very-simple-yet-highly-revelatory statement is that sometimes I think that we as women forget that we were *created by God* to be helpmates (Genesis 2:18) and so when men deny marriage, we shouldn't take that quite so personally as so many of us tend to do. I mean, if you offered someone an all-expenses paid vacation and they turned it down, how would that translate to you? Initially, you might be taken a bit aback (why would someone turn down *such a blessing*?!?), but *ultimately* who is the one suffering: you or them?

I like giving people stuff just for the joy of doing it. I'll tell you what though: When people send me through all of that "You don't have to"..."It's OK"..."I'm fine, really..." stuff, it doesn't translate (to me) as *humility* but *extreme pride* (mixed in with a bit of fear-I John 4:18). After a while, as a human, I almost want to be like "Gifts shouldn't be this much work so let's just forget about it altogether." Indeed, it is not helping someone who is trying to bless you when you're basically putting them in the position of having to *beg you* in order to do it. Again, that's not *humility*; that is borderline humiliation.

That's how a human oftentimes sees it...

What I'm learning more and more with God is that he is like "I am perfect and so are my ways. My Word says that what I give is good and a helpmate is a good thing. However, I will not make a man take my help. He's the one that needs divine aid, support and favor so if he's too caught up in what he has going on---on *his* agenda, *his* program, *his* ideals to see that, it really is his loss. You, my daughter, are not losing out so much as him missing out on you would be *his loss*. You're the blessing, remember? *Calm down*."

Scripture proves that to be true, right?

"He who finds a [true] wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord."---Proverbs 18:22(AMP)

A man gets favor *from God* when he gets a wife. Yet here's the other catcher: A man has to be in a very significant place within his own spiritual life to even be *worthy* of such *divine kindness, goodwill and preferential treatment*. He has to be at a place with the Lord where he declares, just as King David did: "My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth." (Psalm 121:2-NKJV) Yep. What I am realizing more and more (Psalm 18:28) when it comes to my future beloved as well as my male single friends is that I need to pray that they realize where their help comes from so that they will be open to knowing when help in the form of a helpmate comes from God and how to *humbly* receive that kind of divine support.


So, if a man is denying and/or dragging his feet with you, you can pretty much assume that it's due to one of three things:  He doesn't look to God as his *sole source* of help...yet. (And if that's the case, that's a God task.);  It's not the right time (in the Garden of Eden, Adam *praised the Woman* without her help at *just the right time*-Genesis 2:23); You're *not the one*.

In all of these instances, can you see how God is in control and so you should *totally surrender to that reality*? God made you to be a helpmate. You're someone's benefit. A man's blessing. Just by being (even without a husband), you have divine purpose.


Hey. If a man doesn't want you to be his helpmate and God had other plans in mind, that's not between you and the guy *nearly* as much as it's between "him" and the Father. *Let them work in out*.

You shouldn't want to be with someone who is too prideful to want help, anyway. Especially help from God.

Excellente' Abba Father. Thank you!



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  1. Thanks for pointing out the need for any worthy man to want and desire God's help in the form He prefers. So thankful for how He uses you!