Wednesday, February 20, 2013



This is a really good read entitled "Sometimes You’ve Got To Reteach People What To Expect From You" (AMEN!):

"We’re all made up of habits. We deviate from time to time and of course go through periods of change when we become too uncomfortable with unhealthy habits of thinking and behaviour or we move in a different direction, but even then we change and evolve into new habits, hopefully ones that serve us better.

We teach people what to expect from us and sadly if we don’t have good boundaries, we can end up teaching them what they can get away with.

We ‘teach’ through the communication of our actions and words, including what we don’t do and what we leave unsaid. This is why people pleasing can be so destructive – it teaches people that we have no needs, wishes, and expectations and shows an inadvertent willingness to deviate from our values for their approval."



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