Monday, February 18, 2013

"On Fire": What Windows 8 Taught Me About Relationships (Work Out Those KINKS)


Let me just start this off by saying "Looka here: Warfare is so serious." (Ephesians 6:10-20)

X3Church does live sessions on Sunday mornings now and I've done a couple of the messages. I'm the chick who prefers to be "read and not seen" (LOL) so I'll leave out the details but I will say that I have gone toe-to-toe with Satan enough times that I was pretty prepared when my video card crashed and I had to get a new computer *the day my first message* premiered.

Since then (and that was just in January), by borrowing, being handed a couple and purchasing more than one, I am now on my seventh PC. I'm not a Mac girl, mostly because I do a lot of research (An apple with a bite out of it as the logo? The first retail price being $666.66? One eye symbolizing "One World Order" and Mac having iPhones and iPods and iTablets? Yeah. I'm good.) and so yes, while it may have seemed to make more sense to simply "take the bite of out to Apple", Eve (Genesis 3) continues to remind me of where that can lead a sistah. For me, it was going to have to be a PC or bust.

However, it wasn't until today that I had another "all things work together for the good" (Romans 8:28) epiphany. After sitting up all night online with a Microsoft technician who was trying to figure out why their updates had now caused my second new computer to crash and then speaking with another one after it crashed again this morning, after having deadlines pile up, after refreshing my system and having to go through trouble of reloading programs more than I would *ever* care to count, I finally said to the techie "Listen, just tell me the truth: Am I better off getting a Windows 7 model?" to which he replied "Honestly, Windows 8 is the newest software but it's not compatible with all computer brands yet. It's going to need about 6-8 more months for all of the kinks to be worked out. So yes, get a Dell with Windows 8 or purchase something else that has Windows 7. Windows 7 is far more secure."

*Windows 7 is far more secure*.

Yeah, if you know me even a little bit, you know that I saw all kinds of blaring warnings in that little conversation. For one thing, "7" biblically symbolizes "perfection" while "8" biblically symbolizes "new beginnings". First up: A lot of times, new things *need time* for the kinks to be worked out (yes, if you are in a new relationship, give it TIME-Ecclesiastes 3:11). 

However, as someone who has a confirmed spiritual gift of seeing ahead and then has the challenge of still realizing that I am not the Master of Timing, God is (Acts 1:7-Message), I thought about what that techie said from a slightly different angle as well.

There was/is a man in my life who I loved and I mean loved so much that I'm not sure I won't ever stop loving him (because it was pure rather than carnal and pure love tends to last). I remember there being certain moments in our journey when he looked a lot like Windows 8---so many "bells and whistles". I would look into his eyes, engage his presence, listen to us make certain life discoveries together and think "Wow, this is amazing." Oh, but when it came down to the nitty-gritty, he just didn't perform well. His "operating system" did not comply with my hardware (LOL). Like Windows 8, he had a lot of potential but he needed/needs time for so many "kinks to be worked out" before we would actually work...well...*together*.

However, as I was with two previous computers, I wouldn't accept that like Windows 8, he just wasn't going to work out---right now. There's so much that he can do but so little that he can do for me. I need to leave him alone, allow God and time to reveal (because as DeBarge once sang, time *really will* reveal, y'all!-LOL) and *go back* to what does work for me so that I can get some things done. And what works for me is not chasing after "new beginnings" but staying in my lane of "perfecting" singleness.

Take it from me, there is nothing more exhausting and, quite frankly, *graceless* than trying to make something work when it's simply not going to work. Not because there isn't potential there but because either it's not God's will or there are kinks that need to be ironed out and until that happens, by trying to act like "it's" compatible when it's really not, you're just going to waste a lot of time, energy and effort.

Tonight, I am typing you from my new HP with a Windows 7 operating system. It's not as "fancy" as Windows 8 *but it works* and that brings me more peace of mind than I've had since this whole debacle began...since I've stopped trying to force my computer to accept what it simply is not able to yet.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure there's a "moral to the parable" to that too...

Anyway, remember that the Amplified Version of Genesis 2:18 says that God said he would make a helpmate who would be *suitable* for Adam. Yes, she would be *compatible* with him. Trust me, I counsel couples all of the time that were (initially) so caught up in the beauty of the "operating system" of a person without stopping to assess if their "hardware"would really connect to them. The hardware is your nuts and bolts, your foundation...your core.

When it's suitable, when it's right, *when it's time*, it will reveal itself to be.

And honestly, it won't cost you so much.

I promise you that.



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