Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Ounce of Prevention: "18 Things Every Christian Woman Should Know About Christian Men"


While doing some perusing...

I happened upon (Proverbs 16:33-AMP) this gem...

"18 Things Every Christian Woman Should Know About Christian Men":

I am going to take a little liberty and speak for authentic Christian men around world. If you are a single female, here is what you should know about some of the things that go on in the mind of authentic Christian men as it relates to you. (If you are a married woman, some of these things may help you out too)

1. We love God even though we may not always show it the same manner that you do.

2. We are not afraid of marriage.

3. We are not perfect just because we love God. Learn to deal with our imperfections. We learn to deal with yours. 

4. A positive and happy woman will always be more attractive than a negative and angry one.

5. What goes on between us should stay between us. Your girlfriend and/or family don't need to know everything.

6. Gossip is unattractive.

7. Selfishness is really unattractive.

8. Less clothing does not make you more attractive. We want to see your breasts, but not until we put a ring on your finger.

9. Please go easy on the makeup or learn to apply it properly. We are looking to marry a woman not a clown. 

10. Don't be quick to be jealous of our relationships with our mothers. How we treat her will be a good indication of how we will treat you.

11. Although SOME of us are prophets, NONE of us have the ability to read minds. If something is on your mind please say so. Clues are for Sherlock Holmes.

12. Authentic Christian men genuinely like to help other people. That does not me we care any less about you.

13. We are not like the other people who have hurt you in the past.

14. We aren't as obsessed with your weight as your are.

15. If we comment about exercise or eating habits it is because we care about your health. We want you to be around to spend time with us.

16. The fact that you have children is not stopping us from getting to know you.

17. Whatever we like before marriage (food, sports, video games, etc), we will continue to like after marriage.

18. There are constructive ways to ask us to do things, to informs us and to correct us. Nagging is not one of those ways.

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  1. This is such a great message you’ve posted here. I know that it doesn’t apply to every man, but it’s a good start towards a closer understanding of them. I’m sure anyone in a committed relationship whether near marriage, engaged or already married should take a minute to look at this and pick up a thing or two to improve upon their situation. I particularly like number 11 about men not being mind readers. I know I’ve been guilty of having a thought or opinion and then holding a grudge, only to think that my husband should have known what was bothering me. I’m completely wrong on this issue and I’m sure several people are. If something is bothering me or I have an opinion that I want to express then I should make sure I clearly express it as early as possible so that things don’t go too far out of control. After all, one of the more important characteristics of a happy marriage is communication.
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