Friday, March 29, 2013

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: "Marry Me! Relationships, Falling in Love & Marrying the Right One"

A couple of years ago...

A writer contacted me asking if she could use something that I wrote for her book. This week, I got an email that her "book baby" has been born and I wanted to make sure to put it on y'all's radar. I looked through some of the snippets that are featured on Denise's website and I liked this one especially...because it's so...practical:

"Ladies, your challenge is to make sure you don’t 'fall in love' before you find out you actually do not like the man you’ve been seeing.  Attachments can form from the sheer dint of time you spend with someone.  That makes it very, very hard to distinguish between a 'habit attachment' (when you’re used to the person being around and feel so uneasy when they’re not) and genuine love."

Very practical, indeed. The reality check (Ecclesiastes 7:18-Message) that a lot of us can use is making sure we know the difference between having an attachment and making a real, true and lasting spiritual connection.

You can order to book on her site. Pick one up for yourself or cop one for a friend.



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