Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I really like this because...

Sometimes I listen to people and I'm like "You don't know what you want. You date like someone who wants to be a girlfriend not like a woman who wants to be a wife. A woman who wants to be a wife doesn't hop from man to man to man. They wait for God to bring them to *the man*."

Anyway, this article from one of my favorite websites conveys this point (relatively speaking) quite well:

"Part of the reason why so many people encounter issues with dating is down to a lack of honesty, as in, we can be very contradictory about our needs, expectations and desires and we don’t all date for the same reasons. While plenty date with a genuine view to finding a long-term partner, many date with the view to enjoying the fringe benefits of dating without the ‘hassle’ of emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally contributing and eventually committing. Sometimes their attitude is, “If they’re that special, my reticence about being emotionally available and committing will disappear”.

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting a relationship. None of us are under obligation to commit and if all we want to do is get jiggy, have a chat, an ego stroke and a sense of someone being there, there are people out there who will take on this role because it’s all that they want too. The problem isn’t in not wanting a relationship; it’s expecting to subjugate people who want something different to your terms.

If you’ve been treated in this way you have to be careful of doing the same to others. That’s your litmus test: if somebody came to you with this proposition, would you be happy with it?"



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