Friday, May 3, 2013


Yep. Flesh and blood did not reveal (Matthew 16:17) this right here...

Most people can be on their "A" game during the honeymoon phase or when they want something but the question of whether they’ve changed or are changing is answered in the way in which they deal with things that have typically challenged them and your relationship.

Do they stick or do they fold?    
Does an issue bring you together or divide you?
Do they reach for an external solution so that they can avoid their thoughts, feelings and  problems or are they facing these?
Do they try to open up where they’ve typically clammed up?
Do they push you away or do they let you in and keep letting you in?
Do they flip-flap or do they follow through?
Do they leave you guessing or do they communicate?
Do they make excuses or take responsibility?
Do they keep their options open or do they commit?
Do they tell you what you want to hear still or are they biting the bullet and being direct?
Do they turn on you when you say/show NO or do they respect you?
Does [stuff] hit the fan when things don’t go their way or are they learning to cope with disappointment better?
Do they attack/stonewall/bail when faced with conflict or do they engage respectfully?
Do they have a sense of entitlement or do they empathise and respect?

Whatever it is, look for genuine growth (don’t make it up). If they’re still being, doing, and saying things how they used to then their habits are still the same. Anyone can pitch you something but they still have to deliver.




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