Saturday, July 13, 2013

"On Fire": The "Covenant Puzzle Project" GIVEAWAY 

Special note: The "Single T-shirt" giveaway deadline is going to be Wednesday, July 17 at 5pm(CST). I will be pulling it from the site after that and so if that giveaway refers to you, get at me at


So, on the heels of the post that's right under this one, I'm going to do a bit of an ongoing giveaway. With a specific contingency.

Although it is my belief that a single person is to be *whole* and *complete* before their life partner arrives (um, being that two definitions of single are "whole" and "complete" and the Message Version of I Corinthians 7:32-35 says that single people should use their time and energy on becoming whole and being holy instruments of God), I also believe that *when a marriage is of God* (because quite frankly, there are A LOT out here that are man's doing without God's approval), there does come a time when two people are joined (Matthew 19:6) for the sake of making one another's *already complete life*...more abundant. When they will both be used to further one another's purpose. When they will both be used to grow one another up spiritually. When they will both be used to help one another do kingdom work on earth and also support one another on the road to paradise on the other side of this life.

And so, while I had a pretty good sense of what this giveaway would entail, last night I needed to sleep on it so that I could do it just as the Spirit (John 4:24) wanted me to. In the way that he wanted me to do it.

Now here's what's a trip. I'm pretty sure that some of you can already tell it's going to have something to do with a puzzle, and it does. I'll show you a picture of "the covenant puzzle project" in just a moment. And while a lot of us tend to romanticize the whole "two puzzle pieces becoming one and being the perfect fit" thing and yes, that is *a part of the reason* why I am led (Luke 12:12) to go with this manifestation, have you ever looked up the definitions of "puzzle" before? Straight out the gate, it's this: "a toy, problem, or other contrivance designed to amuse by presenting difficulties to be solved by ingenuity or patient effort", which can also be phrased like this: "a toy, game, or question presenting a problem that requires skill or ingenuity for its solution ". Oh, and it also means this: "a problem that cannot be easily or readily solved".

Uh-huh. You saw it too, right? A puzzle is, by design, a sort of challenge that requires ingenuity, PATIENT EFFORT and skill. It's also a challenge (I'm gonna go with that over "problem") that cannot be easily or readily solved. Puzzles don't "just happen". Puzzles require a lot of insight and focus and patience and concentration and willingness to "stick it out" until the picture completes itself. Shoot, and even once it does, you have to handle it with great care so that the picture doesn't fall apart (Do it, Holy Spirit!).

And so, here we are...

I am going to giveaway 10 puzzle piece key chains. They look like this:

EXCEPT, I am setting out to have the person who sells them to put *your name and the date you "win it"* on one and leave the other one blank so that when you are brought (Genesis 2:22) to your beloved, you two can get his engraved along with the date...*together*. The second piece is something to either carry along with yours or to put into your hope chest and pass along to him. Later. In due time. When God deems that it will be good and beautiful for you to. And two. (Psalm 84:11, Ecclesiastes 3:11)

So, in order to get a pair, you need to be a woman who can attest to the fact that you are *actively* working on yourself, that you are not preoccupied with "getting a man" but you can't seem to shake the "still, small voice" (I Kings 9:12) that's telling you God does indeed have an "Ish" (Hebrew for husband and man simultaneously) who he has customized for you (Psalm 33:15). That by working to make your own life, as a single woman, whole and complete, you're starting to see a "bigger picture" of what is transpiring. Of why other guys didn't fit. Of why *forcing things* is not healthy. Of why yes, "putting puzzles together" can sometimes be, well, puzzling. Yet even now, God is teaching you about patience and skill so that you can get to where you need to be.

If that is *you*, then you are someone who needs these puzzle pieces.

My plate is full, pretty much on a continual basis, and so you'll probably see this exact post thrown up from time to time because I will ultimately giving more than 10 (which biblically stands for "complete") away. For this round, I'll need to hear from you *no later than* Friday, July 26 at 5pm at because obviously, they have to be customized.

Yeah. This should be fun. ;-)

Let the "Covenant Puzzle Project" begin...


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