Monday, November 18, 2013

An Ounce of Prevention: '9 Tell Tale Signs You're Moving Too Fast!'

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This is a good read from a blog with a title that I dig: And You Wanna See My Feet? (Cute).

It's a straight copy and paste: "9 Tell Tale Signs You're Moving Too Fast!"

I recently met a guy who I admit for the first time in a while, we went to fast. While for some people love at first sight works, in reality and especially in today's dating world; it may not be worth the rush. Face it, you have to get to know the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with! I came up with a few signs to look for if you might be moving too fast.

In the beginning it was perfect but now it's like you don't really understand each other. This can happen when you don't give yourselves time to really get to know everything about the person you're dating, flaws and all. Many times if you like them fast and rush into a relationship too fast, you'll find out real fast that he's not a good fit for you.

He offers you money then starts to act shady if you accept. Rule number one: Do NOT ever borrow money from a guy you just met even if HE offered it. Men have their secret ways of testing women and in my opinion, this is one of them. No matter how hard you're hurting, if you don't really know him then shy away from accepting monetary gifts so soon. He may not be testing you or even judging you,  but the issue still remains, two weeks is too fast to ask for financial help!

You gradually start to see things you're not so sure you're digging anymore. In the beginning, he seemed perfect and could do no wrong, then he invites you to his place and everything seems extremely shady and just plan wrong! From having no bed, to to sudden unattractive features you start to notice, to his door being left unlocked by a strange source and him seeming to wish you'd leave. Example: " I'm so sleepy, wow I'm so sleepy" Okay idiot, I get the point! I'm outta here you fool! ( Yes this happened to me! )

At first him having no car was not an issue, then you start to feel like his mama after a while, picking little Jr. up from work! Not so romantic anymore is it?

He says he's going to do something and just doesn't do it nor does he bring it up anymore. Then you're not comfortable bringing it up because , well technically he doesn't have to do squat because YOU JUST MET HIM A WEEK AND A HALF AGO!!

You don't trust him and he doesn't trust you. There is NO relationship without trust!

He stops calling as much. In the beginning you were both inseparable, now he barely calls and text only occasionally then even this gradually starts to fade. Do yourself a favor and own the fact that you moved to fast and this is the end result.

He doesn't allow you to question him and the two of you start going back and forth to see who can get the last word. (Childish) If he respects you, then he'll let you have your venting session and not hold it against you nor you him, but if he's too closed minded to listen and really take in what's being said this early in the relationship, then there is no need to move forward for further disagreements. It just puts a damper on the relationship!

Finally neither of you show interest in each other any more!  This one is simple, you've moved too fast if suddenly you're just not that into him nor him you. this is normal when you rush things so don't get all worked over it, just learn and move on.

Yes I know it can be tough having to date someone for such a long time then trying to see if he's the one and him trying to see if you're the one. You want instant results, but if you notice any of these signs in the early stage of your relationship, chances are you've moved too fast and could be headed for destruction. Put on your brakes! 

Your motives will speak to your speed. (Proverbs 21:2&8-Message)

If you're...





Fearful... need to pump the brakes!



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