Tuesday, November 5, 2013

An Ounce of Prevention: 'Commitments of a Better Kind'



A wife that I know sent me a cool article (the one that's above this) that led me to a website that I personally know *a lot of women* need to follow (I've added it to the blogroll too). It's called (yep) FORWARD WALKING.

So anyway, as I was checking out some of the (other) content, I saw a piece entitled "Commitments of a Better Kind". The entire read is really good. I'm going to enclose this excerpt, though:

Take the time to discover where your priorities and the commitments of your life lie. Recognize them, and commit to live up to them no matter what happens. Never sacrifice them for anything as you continue your search for love and fulfillment. If you honor the commitments that lie within the sacred walls of your heart, you attract others who will respect and honor those same things. This will open the doors to the kind of relationships that bring true joy to your life.

And, as with all things that move us forward, do not give place in your heart for fear—the fear that you won’t find someone, that you will be alone, or that you have to sacrifice who you are to be happy. None of these things is true. You are magnificent just the way you are. Never settle prematurely or sacrifice what matters most in your life for a relationship that, deep down, you know can never make you truly happy.

Deeply loving relationships, that grow and deepen exponentially with time, DO exist. They are REAL, and they will find you when you are truly ready for them. If you wait for this type of relationship, patiently honoring the commitments of your heart in the meantime, it will find you. And when it does come, you will be prepared to commit to it, nourish it tenderly, and watch it blossom into something more wonderful than you could’ve imagined.

But first, you must ask yourself this question: What are you ALREADY truly and wholly committed to in life?

I'm sayin'. 'Cause if all that you're committed to is trying to get yourself committed...you're really and truly and fully limiting yourself. Singleness is a gift. And singleness, by God's design, comes first.



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