Monday, December 30, 2013

An Ounce of Prevention: 'A Video Clip That Explains How to Be UNSUPPORTIVE in a Relationship'


I've been looking for this clip since I posted the supportive piece (right below), mostly because this particular episode of The Game illustrates it so well.

I tried to find just the conversation between Derwin and Melanie but I couldn't so you'll have to move up to 6:09. One of my favorite parts of the exchange is at the end when Derwin said "Martin got Coretta. Look at what I got." Some of you who may be fans of the show will probably recall that there was another chick waiting with pom-poms all ready to support Derwin's dreams. *sigh* It's a wonderful way to illustrate how much men need support in relationships and *how poorly* Melanie did it:

Take heed. Beforehand.



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