Friday, December 20, 2013

"On Fire": Video of the Day: ''The One' Is One You Can Have TONS OF FUN With'

Way back in my FB days...

There was a video that I totally adored simply because the couple looked *so happy* and they were willing to do some creative things to express it. I'm sure a lot of you can recall it:

Sadly, I have been to some weddings that honestly seemed more like a funeral than anything else. #unfortunate

Well, there's a spiritual brother of mine who has been pondering how to propose to his beloved next year and he just sent me another video that made me smile...a lot. Love is to be filled with peace and joy. If you can't have fun and be yourself and express that in your own distinctive ways with your beloved, *why get married?* Life is far too short to not enjoy yourself! Yeah, this is some good stuff right here (especially if you're a hip-hop head)!

The Spirit (John 7:24) has been raising our standards on so many levels and as I often say "You only find yourself bending over backwards when the bar is low."

Take heed!



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