Sunday, January 5, 2014

"On Fire": POST OF THE DAY: 'Man Surprises Long Distance Girlfriend with 98 Instagram Love Notes'

It really is amazing...

The things that a person will do (I say person because women should be willing to "go hard" for who they love just as much as a guy should) when they love someone. Including something that I just peeped on People magazine:

When Zach Hindes's girlfriend, Emily Ahlenius, moved away from Georgia to Wisconsin, he found a creative way to fill the void. For 98 days, from the first week of fall 2013 to Alhlenius's birthday in December, Hindes uploaded a daily photo to the Instagram account fromga2wi.

Each post was a simple printed proclamation of love to Ahlenius. "I Am Wild For You," "You Are Breathtaking" and other compliments filled the account, building to Hindes's last confession, "I Want To Marry You." Finally, on Ahlenius's birthday, the couple reunited and Hindes revealed his project of adoration as a birthday gift.

Hindes reported to his followers that Ahlenius was "blown away" by the project – including his touching conclusion. See the entirety of this virtual masterpiece of modern love: 


For me, I liked how he could find *so many things* to like about his beloved. Well done, sir.

And the bar has been raised. Yet again.



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