Friday, January 31, 2014

"On Fire": VIDEO OF THE DAY: A Man of God Listens to the Holy Spirit...


There's a spiritual brother of mine who I went to college with and these days, we find ourselves having some pretty interesting email conversations especially since I am a covenant doula and he is a relationship life coach.

Therefore, we've been chatting for a minute now about Jay's intentions to propose to his beloved. At 44, he popped the question, for the first time, to Jay's now fiancee' on last week and I'm sharing the video mostly because of something that he said in his email when he first told me that he did it. Catch it because it's key:

OK, so I did it...I popped the question.  I fought over and over in my mind and working through it with you and another friend how to do this. Finally, I believe the Holy Spirit moved me toward the one thought--the most logical one--that had not occurred to me.  What would SHE want me to do?  *duh*

That was easy.  She's a huge Chrisette Michele fan.  I found out when her next concert was, and it happened that it was on 1/25 in Atlanta...

It's a simple thing that Jay said but it *speaks volumes*. Rather than *him* figuring out what he needed to do, he *allowed the Holy Spirit to impart wisdom into him* (John 14:26-AMP) and as you can see, things went off without a hitch!

When a man is following the Spirit, he is someone you can entrust to lead.

Thanks for another reminder Jay of why it is so important to have a godly man...

Even when it comes to the wedding proposal!



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