Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"On Fire": VIDEO OF THE DAY: 'Love Is Not Selfish'


I'll tell you what...

The Little House on the Prairie will really preach when you let it. ;-)

As I was taking a writing break, I checked out an episode entitled "I'll Ride the Wind". Long story short, Mary got engaged to her boyfriend John. John received a scholarship to move away to become a writer, but he was afraid of leaving Mary and so he turned it down. Then this happened:

I Corinthians 13:5(NCV) tells us that "Love is not selfish". Mary *loved* John enough to encourage him to live his dream rather than stay back in Walnut Grove to be with her. Hmph. That brings a whole new meaning to Romans 14:13 telling us to not be a stumbling block for someone else, doesn't it?

When you are looking at love from a pure perspective, you want to help someone to fulfill their purpose (Psalm 20:4). It's not just about "being in love". It's about honestly assessing if you're the best person for them, if it's the right time to be together and/or if you two are truly meant to be lifelong partners.

That's actually why I'm not big on people getting super serious in college (especially before their senior year). Being that we as women are to help a man in his purpose (Genesis 2:18), he needs to know what that is first. Without the pressures of a relationship.

Anyway, some of you may recall the ultimate outcome of all of this. John moved on, Mary became blind and she ended up with Adam, a blind man who helped her to get her confidence after losing her sight. Hmph. Amazing how life turns out when we're not suffocating people but instead are simply *relaxing* in our love for them while allowing things to unfold. When you try and force a rose to open up, you are going to be sure to damage it. When you let nature take it's course, it blooms beautifully.

Again, if you love someone, remember that *love is not selfish*.

Just a bit of food for thought today...



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