Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An Ounce of Prevention: '25 Reasons Why Married Sex Is Better'



Aside from the fact that married sex is better (eh hem) *because it's not a sin* (Hebrews 13:4-LOL), I'm all for providing other reasons that will help us all to "stay the course". And personally, I was happy to see this in a "secular" publication. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who praise sexual sin rather than true sexual oneness. Here we go:

1. Morning sex. Morning sex anytime you want it — you share the same bed! You might have to set your alarm a little earlier, but it'll be worth it.

2. You can initiate. You know that he wants you — he married you, after all! 

3. You don't have to look perfect. He's seen you when you're exhausted and after you've gotten out of the shower when you forgot to take off your eye makeup — and he still loves you. Sex is stress-free when you don't have to worry about having the perfect makeup, the perfect lingerie, or even being perfectly groomed.

4. Be the boss (I'm assuming they mean in the bedroom; avoid that elsewhere, please). You can be vocal or bossy without fear of rejection. Fear of rejection is so mid-20s.

5. The daylong foreplay. The touch in the kitchen, the look during carpool, the accidental innuendo that thankfully goes above your kids' heads, the flirty emails — it all makes it so much hotter when you finally can get each other alone.

6. Show and tell. You can ask for what you want without worrying about being too forward. He'll call you in the morning — scratch that, you'll be in the same bed together when you wake up in the morning!

7. Sneaking is sexy. Stolen moments feel illicit and sexy, especially if you're sneaking around while the kids are (briefly) napping.

8. You can experiment more. You know each other so well that you can be open about your fantasies, desires, and curiosities. You can try your hand at dirty talk and not feel ridiculous.

9. The beauty of quickies. Some sex is better than no sex. You can make up a quickie signal with your live-in mate and go at it during any time of the day or night, whenever the mood strikes.

10. Sayonara STDs. You've both been tested and you're in a monogamous love nest, so now the nerve-wracking risk is gone!

11. The birth control plague. In college you were consumed with fear about getting pregnant, but now you and your husband can plan when to try to have a baby, which means less birth control concerns.

12. 24/7. Booty calls are never far away — in fact, one is probably down the hall from you right now!

13. Laughing while lovin'. Before you really know someone, a bedroom snafu can be embarrassing. With your husband, you can try something and if it fails, laugh instead of feeling self-conscious.

14. He knows...how to turn you on. You've had a lot of practice together, after all.

15. Sexual healing (no, we're not kidding). Sex in a marriage can help you both get past ruts. Getting cozy in between the sheets will foster a sense of intimacy even if things aren't perfect in other aspects of your marriage.

16. No weird surprises. You've met your husband; in fact, you know him quite well. He won't all of a sudden ask you to call him King whatever (thank God) or play out a strange fantasy without giving you a heads up first.

17. No pretending. You don't have to pretend to be into that weird acrobatic move or that tiring role-play narrative if you're just not feeling it.

18. Practice makes perfect. You have no reason to hold back. By now you've become one another's gifted sex god and sex goddess.

19. Memory eraser. A well-timed seduction will take his mind off the fact that you forgot to pick up his favorite beer when he asked you twice or that you're all about to go camping with your parents for the weekend.

20. Work hard, play harder. He'll do any chore you ask if he knows nookie is coming right after.

21. Sincerity — aww. He's your husband, so he'll say sweet and sincere things, and actually mean them. You think your butt has seen better days? He thinks otherwise!

22. The post-coital cuddle. It never gets old.

23. Sex is transporting. Dinner, daycare and dry cleaning can lose their luster fast. Sex with your hot husband can break up your day and keep you glowing well into the night.

24. Relive your favorite romp. By now, you've had a lot of sex together. Part of the fun of having such a long history is that you can talk about your favorite times and do your best to recreate the heat!

25. Love tops all. Sex is always better and more passionate when you're in love.

God knows what he's doing, right? Indeed married sex is truly *worth the wait*.

If you'd like some other reasons, check this book out.



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