Tuesday, May 13, 2014

An Ounce of Prevention: (VIDEO) 'Women Plan Weddings. Men (Who Are Ready for Marriage) Plan Proposals.'


Something that I've been doing...

Is my own unofficial study on wedding proposals and how it tends to be a "forecast for the climate" of the marriage. By that I mean this: Men who tend to put a lot of thought into the proposal (which shouldn't automatically mean a lot of money into an engagement ring; it's a lot easier to slap down a credit card than plan a proposal out), tend to have put a lot of thought into who they are proposing to and what they are proposing for as well.

And over the course of my study, interestingly enough, there are *quite a few married couples* whose husbands didn't put much thought at all into their proposal. And the marriage? Well, I'll just say that the women who are married to these men are constantly talking to me about not feeling special or even a top priority.

I think that's a part of the reason why I was so led to a couple by the name of Ryan and Karley:

the happy couple after proposal

Although you can click here to actually read about their proposal, in watching the video (below), there were some key things that Ryan said, effortlessly so, that caught my attention. Plus, I did like the thought that he seemed to put into proposing to his beloved. Anyway, here are some of the things that got my ear (the notes listing the things that he loves about her at the beginning got to me too):

"He knew the type of woman I needed..."
(I'm hoping he didn't mean that she's *literally a psychic*-LOL)

"I thank God that he gave me someone to spend my future with...even just cuddling...I'm excited about those moments."

"We don't even have to say anything in our car rides. I just want to spend every moment with you."

"I've learned from you..."

"You've been the most important thing in my life since God brought us together."

"I love that I know how much you love me." (NICE.)

"I love that...you make me excited about my future and that's the first time that I've ever really felt that." (REALLY NICE.)

"Thank you for being so patient with me." (A VULNERABLE MAN IS SO BEAUTIFUL!)

"I want you to be my forever and I want to be the one to support you."

"Oh, it fits. Thank God." (So key!-LOL)


Honestly, I think Ryan expresses the reason why I titled this blog in the way that I did.

A woman may plan the wedding.

But a man who is ready for marriage is sho 'nuf gonna plan the proposal.



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