Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An Ounce of Prevention: 'Four Ways Your Marriage Is a Ministry'

According to the author (and I would agree)...


That said, here's the article (S-C-A-P):

Ministry: The act of serving, ministration.  I don’t know if you realize it, but you do serve in your marriage, therefore it is a ministry. You may ask yourself how your marriage is a ministry if you and/or your spouse are not ministers. You don’t have to be. The fact that your marriage is an act of service makes it a ministry. The definition clearly states that ministry is the act of serving. How do you serve, and who do you serve? Glad you asked.

First, you serve God in your marriage by loving Him. Your service is the exercising of vows you promised to keep in His presence to your spouse.  Every time you pray for your spouse and with your spouse you are engaged in ministry.

Second, you serve your spouse by also loving him or her. Your actions toward your spouse such as listening to them when they want to talk, supporting them in their dreams or careers and just being there are a few examples of service.  Another more fun way you serve your spouse is through intimacy. The closeness between husband and wife strengthens the relationship and establishes trust.  Trusting your spouse is a necessary service for the marriage.

Next, you serve others by being an example to other couples and singles that want to get married.  Your marriage will minister in a positive or negative way to others depending on how you conduct yourself.  Hopefully, your conduct is positive so others will see what a healthy marriage looks like. Your show of respect and love is watched by family, friends and even strangers. Most importantly, your children are ministered to by your marriage.  How you behave sets the standard for your children when they become adults and start their lives with their spouse.

Finally, you minister to yourself by being the best husband or wife you know how to be. Doing your part to keep your marriage strong can bring satisfaction and enjoyment. Marriage is one of the best ministries to have because you are in a position to encourage and uplift others.

Amen. And amen!



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