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BOOK RECOMMENDATION: 'Wives of the Bible: 25 Easy Lessons You Can Learn from These Imperfect Women That Will Radically Transform Your Marriage'$_26.JPG?set_id=89040003C1


I couldn't find a clear (enough) graphic but if you want to get it in paperback or via Kindle, click here).

I'm encouraging of people investing in this book because quite frankly, I'm not aware of a ton of books that solely focus on the wives of the bible. Plus, I really liked a particular section that I read on Eve:

Eve Had Influence Over Her Husband

She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate. Genesis 3:6

Hey honey, will you take a bite? Eve was deceived. Adam wasn't. Adam was influenced! There's a big difference between the two. Can you see how we, as wives, have great influence over our husbands?

Think about it. Adam and Eve daily walked with God, the Source of Wisdom. Yet, Adam still heeded the words of his wife. Adam wasn't hard of hearing. He wasn't busy watching the big game on TV when Eve gave him the fruit. No, Adam knew exactly what he was doing when he ate of the fruit.

"The man said 'The woman you put here with me---she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it. Then the Lord God said to the woman 'What is this you have done?' The woman said 'The serpent deceived me, and I ate." Genesis 3:12-13

(This is Shellie interjecting in the chapter just to state something: Being deceived is not a "pass from God". It's just the reality of what happened. There are things that we are all can do to prevent ourselves from being deceived, hence the Matthew 24:24 telling us to make sure that no one deceives us. That's why I like what another author had to say on Eve being deceived; it doesn't absolve her from having a certain amount of responsibility: "Eve is deceived . . . and rather easily, as my friend Jan Meyers points out. In The Allure of Hope, Jan says, 'Eve was convinced that God was withholding something from her.' Not even the extravagance of Eden could convince her that God's heart is good. 'When Eve was [deceived], the artistry of being a woman took a fateful dive into the barren places of control and loneliness.'")

Adam what were you thinking? Why did you eat it? You weren't deceived, you knew better. Perhaps Adam was enticed by his wife's naked body and batting eyelashes? Maybe he wanted to keep the little woman happy? And we all know the saying, "A happy wife makes a happy life." Yep, that woman had her man wrapped around her little finger. Women can lure men into doing just about anything. Think about what you could get your man to do if you walked around naked all day long. 

You have great influence over your husband. God may not have given you the position of head of the home but He has sure given you the position of influencing the one who is. As a wife, you hold a high position of honor. You're a wise counselor, confidant, and an encourager to your husband. Use your influence for godliness rather than for your own personal gain.

Great soul food for thought, indeed!

I encourage you to click on that upper link and get a copy for yourself, a friend and a wife that you know.
It really is amazing what you'll find when you go seeking for it, isn't it (Matthew 7:7-8)?

God is so good to us. Abundantly so.



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