Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Ounce of Prevention: (VIDEOS) 'Stop Praising Boyfriends'



Most of y'all already know my views on boyfriends. One of my spiritual brothers (who also happens to be a relationship coach) sent this to me just now. It's always nice to hear a man share his views on the topic:

The longer (and older) version:

The shorter (and newer) version:

I dig it when he said "You're taking *yourself* off of the market. I say all of the time, women are playing a huge part in why men won't jump the broom. *Jump it for what* when you're already being a "wife"---without God's permission or a marital commitment from a man. Indeed, indeed.

"Close your legs and open your mind. Love yourself...stop praising these grown boys."

Truth hurts.  It delivers too!


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