Thursday, August 14, 2014

"On Fire": So, Here's the Bike Story I Was Telling Y'all About... 
"Oh! Teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well! Come back, God—how long do we have to wait?— and treat your servants with kindness for a change. Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we’ll skip and dance all the day long. Make up for the bad times with some good times; we’ve seen enough evil to last a lifetime. Let your servants see what you’re best at— the ways you rule and bless your children. And let the loveliness of our Lord, our God, rest on us, confirming the work that we do. Oh, yes. Affirm the work that we do!"---Psalm 90:12-17(Message)
Remember when I penned a piece about God and mysteries a couple of weeks ago and I referenced a bike story? Well, the person who initially told it to me (thanks Joseph Richey) just sent me the link to the sermon so that you can listen to it in its entirety. I'll post it at the end of this.

As I was thinking some more about God and mysteries, I was reminded of something that God said to me a few years back: "Shellie, why don't you ever let me surprise you?"

It really did get me to thinking. Why *do I* always want to know what's going on? Why can't I rest in God's love for me---at all times? Wouldn't a surprise from someone as good as my Heavenly Father, who has never failed me thus far (love never does-I Corinthians 13:8), be nice from time to time? 

In response to that, here came an article entitled "Words of Faith: God Will Surprise You When You Least Expect It" that had a really nice line in it: "God is reliable, yet unpredictable." 
Here's an excerpt of it:

"God will be present with us in the midst of pain, but he will not remove it from us. God will fulfill promises – but not often in the ways we expect. Though it might be more comfortable for us to have a predictable God, it would be a god of our own creation, under our control, and not the God who created the universe.

Our God is a God of relationship, and certainly the best relationships are between people who are reliable, yet unpredictable. How boring it would be in relationship with someone whose every move is known in advance!" 
A surprise is "to come upon or discover suddenly and unexpectedly". In thinking about that, that's what I like so much about the Message Version of Psalm 90. It reminds me that sometimes, God surprises us. Not so much with love but with how he chooses to express his love for us.
And on that note...
In walks the sermon and the little boy who gave away his bike, only to have *a surprise* awaiting him on his wedding day. (wink)
Click here to download it and let it be a hug from God today. A reminder that yes, God is reliable. This means he will never leave or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). However, don't put it past him to come in ways you never *ever* expected. Don't put it past him to straight up surprise you!

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