Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"On Fire": (VIDEO) A Well-Worth-30-Minutes-of-Your-Time Love Story & Marriage Proposal


"There are girls out there worth fighting for. Still. 
And there are guys out there still willing to fight."


Thanks Alicia for sending this video my way. Just now. Tonight.

As life would have it (Proverbs 16:33-AMP)...

All day long, I've been listening to one of my absolute favorite---and I mean, absolute favorite---love songs. On repeat. It's been a while since I've checked it out and so I should've known that the Universe had something up its sleeve. Anyway, it's a ballad by a guy named Britten and it's co-written and co-produced by one of the sweetest men that I know and then one of my closest friends. It's entitled "Stick to Your Guns" and whew! It's so...right and real. You can listen to it here but the chorus is as follows:

Stick to your guns if you love her
Stay by his side if you care
If she's the one and you need her
If it's the right thing
Keep on fighting
Stick to your guns for love

It goes along real nicely with the statement that there are women worth fighting for *and* men who are willing to fight, right?

*And then*, as I was doing some other writing/researching, an email came into my inbox. I get a lot of info in my inboxes. However, this one, although long, is worth 30 minutes of your time. Especially since it's the eve of Christmas Eve and so you're probably going to watch something that you've already seen a million times before on television right?

Before I share what was sent my way...

I'll say that there are three things that I *really respect*, to the point of even honor about this couple.

1) I dig filmmakers and I like how how Max, the man in the story said, "Creativity should be used for service." Indeed. And he used his gift/talent in excellence here.

2) Not to totally giveaway the story but the fact that Bonnie Kate, the woman in the story, had the courage to return to a movie theater speaks to her resilience and fearlessness. It's inspiring.

3) The actual marriage proposal. I dug how Max left that part private and shared what led up to it and what followed. #classytouch

It's a reminder, yet again, that while *none of us* should covet (Exodus 20:17) someone else's love journey or love story (including their marriage proposal or wedding ceremony-Psalm 33:15), when a man loves a woman...*he will show it*...*and his woman will know it*.

No doubts.
No questions.
No confusion.

Also before we get into the video, I want to share *another gift* that this particular man has: his narratives.

Here's the intro...

Let me tell you about a girl
She is the stuff of movies and books
The kinda girl that captivates your head and your heart without even knowing it
She's the one you compare all other girls to, none of them standing a chance
The kinda girl who leaves you helpless because you know
After just one date
She's the one that you want to build a life with
Raise your kids with
Who will forgive you all the way
Is kind
Strong in weakness
Is wake up
No make up
Flawlessly beautiful
She is forgiving
She is forgiven
And she is my fiance'

And her name is Bonnie Kate

*goose bumps*

And then he says this later on in the video...

This life is short
And if you can find someone that beckons
And a larger than life love out of you
And who is willing to forgive you and all of your junk
You pursue her with everything you've got
Even when it looks like you're waiting for years or months. You wait...

You lay your need for more than friendship down
And you serve
And you wait.


And then a final quote...

"A life of self-renouncing love is one of liberty."

Good stuff.

Affirming stuff.

A reminder that, as I heard someone say in a Christmas movie...

"There are already too many mediocre things in this life. Love should not be one of them."

Don't settle. It's not worth it.

Just ask Max and Bonnie Kate.



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