Wednesday, January 21, 2015

An Ounce of Prevention: (VIDEO) '"Life is Better With You" Michael Franti and Sara Agah Engagement Video'


I'm always down for a good proposal. Especially when creativity is integrated into it. Putting a credit card down on a diamond? Eh. Finding a unique way to express your love and intentions towards your beloved? #priceless

That said,  per an article that I checked out on Huffington Post last night:

On Tuesday, singer and poet Michael Franti shared the news of his engagement to nurse and jewelry designer Sara Agah on Facebook with a special engagement video he created to his 2013 song "Life Is Better With You."

"I wrote 'Life Is Better With You' three years ago as a song I hoped to be played at our future wedding and made this video for Sara using clips I shot of her on my iPhone over the past three years," Franti wrote on Facebook. "At a surprise dinner I planned in Bali, I played her the song on acoustic guitar and then showed her the video."

He added that she was "quite moved" by the gesture and naturally, she said, "yes!"

Yeah. That's hot. A collage of moments over three years. In video form.

 Yep. Men, *who want to be married to a particular woman*, continue to show us that...

What a man wants, he will put energy, effort and passion into.

Enjoy yet another visual reminder below!



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