Saturday, May 2, 2015

An Ounce of Prevention: (VIDEO) 'Dream Wedding'


I can't even tell you the last time I watched an episode of Facts of Life but as the Amplified Version of Proverbs 16:33 says, even what seems like accidents are actually of the Lord. I *definitely* be that based on the episode that I checked out yesterday: "Dream Wedding".

I'm going to share the link so that you can check it out for yourself. The gist is that Blair got proposed to and she ended up having a dream. A dream that I think all single women should watch and contemplate before getting in a relationship, let alone saying "yes" to a marriage proposal.

Actually, it reminds me a lot of something that my mother says: "Do everything you can't compromise before you get married." And you know what? A part of the reason why you might still be single is because God doesn't think that you've applied that pearl of wisdom. Yet.

Anyway, something Blair said is a real winner: "I can't be a good wife if I don't know who I am."

Yep. And indeed!

Yeah, check it out and pass it along when you get a chance:

Come to think of it, the YouTube version runs a little fast (sound-wise) so you can watch it in "real time" here.

More and more, I'm finding meaningful programming on television to be less and less of an occurrence. But that's another blog for another time---perhaps. ;-)

Still praying for y'all.



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