Friday, June 5, 2015

An Ounce of Prevention: (VIDEO) '5 Things to Consider Before You Commit to Him'


Just watched a video and Chloe has some good points. I'll only add two things:

1) I don't think you need to *commit* until you both have established that the goal in the relationship is *marriage*. Shy of that, you need to be friends...good and close friends even...but single folks need to embrace being single. Engagement shifts that status, not having a boyfriend. I have always found it fascinating that so many people claim that they are not ready for marriage but they'll act married while they're dating. If y'all ain't ready to say "I do", you belong to no one but the Lord. In I Corinthians 7:2, it speaks of husbands and wives belonging to one another. Nowhere in Scripture does it say that about boyfriends and girlfriends. In fact, nowhere in the Word *are* there boyfriends and girlfriends. Do you!

2) One of the points she brings up is a man's relationship with his parents. She references the whole if a man treats his mama right, he'll treat you well. Eh. That's not 100 percent or even 80 percent full-proof. I have counseled more than my fair share of couples where the husband has not moved his mother out of position when it comes to who should be the top priority in his life. While *technically* he is married, *emotionally* he is still tied to his mother. Shoot not just emotionally but financially to the point that it affects his own household budget because he's still catering to his mother. I also know some single men who cannot seem to commit because they are still mama's boys. Meaning, so long as their mother is around, they feel she is all the woman that they need. Intimacy goes to their mama. Other women are purely...recreational. Not healthy...NOT. HEALTHY. You can read a good piece on leaving and cleaving as it relates to mama's boys here. A man needs to have a relationship with his mom, but it needs to be balanced. If it's not, that's just about as bad as them not having one at all.

Other than those things, let's hit it:

Good food for thought. Pass it on.



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