Tuesday, August 25, 2015


"Strength and dignity are her clothing and her position is strong and secure; she rejoices over the future [the latter day or time to come, knowing that she and her family are in readiness for it]!"---Proverbs 31:25(NKJV)

Last night...

While doing a bit of research, I read a quote on dignity that I found to be pretty cool:

/ˈdignitē/ noun

1. The moment you realize that the person you cared for has nothing intellectually or spiritually to offer you, but a headache.

2. The moment you realize God had greater plans for you that don’t involve crying at night or sad Pinterest quotes.

3. The moment you stop comparing yourself to others because it undermines your worth, education and your parent’s wisdom.

4. The moment you live your dreams, not because of what it will prove or get you, but because that is all you want to do. People’s opinions don’t matter.

5. The moment you realize that no one is your enemy, except yourself.

6. The moment you realize that you can have everything you want in life. However, it takes timing, the right heart, the right actions, the right passion and a willingness to risk it all. If it is not yours, it is because you really didn’t want it, need it or God prevented it.

7. The moment you realize the ghost of your ancestors stood between you and the person you loved. They really don't want you mucking up the family line with someone that acts anything less than honorable.

8. The moment you realize that happiness was never about getting a person. They are only a helpmate towards achieving your life mission.

9. The moment you believe that love is not about losing or winning. It is just a few moments in time, followed by an eternity of situations to grow from.

10. The moment you realize that you were always the right person. Only ignorant people walk away from greatness.”

― Shannon L. Alder 

That ancestors one cracks me up (Ecclesiastes 9:5). And I will say that when it comes to #10, there can be a real danger in assuming that when relationships don't work, it's always about someone else and not about you. However, overall, I feel where Shannon is coming from.

There really is no telling how many people are in jacked up relationships...
All due to a pure and simple lack of dignity.

In fact, I can't even remember the last time that I've even heard the word mentioned in casual conversation let alone in the media. And isn't *that* sad? Yet, at the same time, it actually makes a lot of sense being that I John 2:16 tells us that the world is filled with nothing but (NOTHING BUT) lust and pride and the Proverbs 31 woman is defined as being someone who is clothed with strength and dignity:

Dignity: bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect or appreciation of the formality or gravity of an occasion or situation; nobility or elevation of character; worthiness; elevated rank, office, station, etc.; relative standing; rank; a sign or token of respect

Synonyms: decency, grace, greatness, poise, quality, respectability, status, virtue, courtliness, culture, distinction, etiquette, importance, regard, significance, splendor, worthiness

One of the reasons why I discern that we're instructed to "study to show ourselves approved" (2 Timothy 2:15-AMP) is because when we read Scripture simply at a glance, sometimes we end up missing the depth of what is truly being conveyed (Psalm 18:28).

For instance, knowing all of what dignity means/conveys, it speaks volumes that the Proverbs 31 woman was clothed in dignity, right? While the obvious definition of clothing is to be covered, another definition of the literal word "clothe" is "to endow or invest". I really like that because one definition of invest is "to use, give, or devote (time, talent, etc.), as for a purpose or to achieve something".

What are you using or devoting towards the purpose of your personal decency?
What are you using or devoting towards the purpose of your personal greatness?
What are you using or devoting towards the purpose of your personal virtue?
What are you using or devoting towards the purpose of your personal distinction?
What are you using or devoting towards the purpose of your personal significance?


Sadly, there are a lot of women out here who want the men they're with to treat them in a way that they don't treat themselves: *with dignity*. As a single woman, this is such a special and sacred time because you're able to (further) *dignify yourself*. To tap into what makes you a woman who is truly worthy of respect, to spend time better understanding what it means to be a woman of grace and culture---shoot, to even learn the etiquette that comes with truly being a godly woman.

And the awesome thing about investing into yourself in this way is the more you do it, the more valuable you become *to yourself* and the less you want to involve yourself with any guy who is (ironically) going to prove to be a poor ROI (Return On Investment). In other words, if you're not seeing the *importance* and *significance* of the relationship, that makes it less than dignified and a woman of dignity simply cannot settle for any kind of relationship that lacks dignity. That lacks quality. That lacks courtliness.

Shoot, that lacks status too! I recently heard a comedian say "Yeah, we go together. I don't know where we're going but it's together." Uh-huh, a woman of dignity ain't gonna settle for that. If she's with someone, there is going to be an *established mutual intention*. Again because with dignity comes some sort of status!

Yep. That's all I got today. Just wanted to encourage you to not settle.
A woman of dignity deserves a man who knows it and will honor it.

Otherwise, what's the point?
Really...*what's the point?*

Be dignified today. And every day.



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