Friday, December 11, 2015

"On Fire": (VIDEO) The Importance of Purity and Modesty (According to Men)

Femininity and Modesty in Dress: Follower of Christ's Blog @ess. -- I can't help but lol a bit:

"Since prayer is at the bottom of all this, what I want mostly is for men to pray---not shaking angry fists at enemies but raising holy hands to God. And I want women to get in there with the men in humility before God, not primping before a mirror or chasing the latest fashions but doing something beautiful for God and becoming beautiful doing it."---I Timothy 2:9-10(Message) 

Last night...

A male friend of mine showed me a picture of an absolutely beautiful woman. As he was swooning and exploring the possibilities of her character, I said to him "I think there are some things only a woman's husband should see." I said that because the woman was in a somewhat revealing swimsuit and then she posted it on Instagram.

Oh believe you me. I am *not* the one who thinks that women should walk around in burlap sacks. In fact, I've walked into many churches praying that a professional stylist would take it upon themselves to start a ministry *within the Church walls* for members to not look shoot, almost miserable.

But I am coming more and more into the place of accepting/believing that since women are created, in part, to be helpers for men (Genesis 2:18), across the board, we need to be *actually helping them*. And that includes with how we "wrap our gift" (our bodies). Plus, I really do want my future husband to feel like he's getting some "exclusive content information". It's enough that 14 dudes from my past know waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than they should (or was granted God's permission to). I have no desire to add to the tally. Even in a way that causes a man to lust after me by looking (Matthew 5:28)---due to my own contribution to his weakness. To help means to support. I want to support men to stay strong when it comes to sexual purity. And that starts will not being an "accessory" to temptation.

I became even more firm in this when I watched the following video of young men discussing their battle on college campuses *and* in churches when it comes to how a lot of women dress (and I'd venture to say carry themselves too).

For instance, one guy said "I am thankful that God has created me to be attracted to women. However, campus is a loaded minefield. There are girls everywhere...the thing that women do not seem to be able to grasp is that the gravitation to lust does not stop for us as men. It is continual, it is aggressive. It does all that it can to lead men down to death. And they have a choice to help or to deter its goal. Sometimes, when I see a woman who is provocatively dressed, I say to myself 'She probably doesn't even know that a thousand men are going to devour her in their minds today.'" 

Another guy said "To the women in the Church, there's not a single man I know who doesn't struggle in some way with lust. If they had any idea what goes through guy's minds, it would probably vastly change the way they dress...God has created his Church to be a resting place for Christians. A place for people to encounter God without all of the distractions. It's disappointing...when I have to deal with the same temptations that I have to deal with in the world."


It's roughly an eight-minute video with some other good points...
It's worth listening to, taking in and pondering (Proverbs 4:26)...
And sharing with other women, especially young women.

I used to say it all of the time:

"Women are made to help. We can either help a man to heaven or help him to hell."

Please choose wisely.



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